Old Priorian Rugby Football Club

Play at St Benedict's and now open to anyone

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Orginially formed by old boys of St Benedict’s School, Ealing, the OPRFC now attracts all local rugby players with over 30% of our membership coming from non-old boys.

It has a long history dating back to the 1960’s and beyond when it regularly fielded a strong rugby side in a Sunday league.

The club survived through the 1970’s before experiencing somewhat of a stop-start existence during the 1980’s and early 1990’s.

In 1998 the inaugural OP 7’s tournament was played. It invited “age-group” based teams of old boys to enter and has been a successful annual tournament ever since attracting over 300 supporters and players.

By 2002 the OPRFC played a few matches based at the Barclays Bank Playing Fields without having entered a league system. The endeavour faded, based as it was upon two key age groups who were soon split across the country at various Universities.

The re-formation of the OPRFC was announced in May 2008 with an immediate view to enter a team into a league and cup structure for the 2008-09 season. A full review of the clubs previous formations was undertaken and the following key points were outlined to make the club a success.

-Appointment of a Coach

- Playing out of the school grounds to encourage players back to relive the memory of playing on the main pitch for the school XV

-Organise a bar for people to socialise in after the game.

-Design a website that would allow players to show their availability online (very important for returning university students)

The club aimed, and continues to aim, to build upon the success and strength of St Benedict’s, Ealing as a prominent rugby school.

Following five years of successive Daily Mail Cup achievement in reaching at least the 6th Round (including an U15 Cup victory in 2005, U18 Semi-Final in 2007 and U18 Runners-Up in 2008) the club aims to make the most of the friendships formed at school and allow Old Priorians to continue to play rugby during a Gap Year, whilst at University and beyond.

 The club finished top of London 3 NW having gone through the season unbeaten and now play in London 2 NW.




2nd October 2013










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