Victory For Haven Green Campaigners

Reaction after politician's planning application is rejected

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Politician Loses Haven Green Planning Appeal




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Campaigners in Haven Green, who took action over a controversial planning application, are delighted after the Planning Inspector ruled in their favour.

Ealing and Hillingdon GLA representative, Dr Onkar Sahota, had wanted to extend his Castlebar Road detached house but neighbours said the work would be extremely disruptive and highly detrimental to the area.

The application went to appeal but was dismissed yesterday by the Planning Inspector who agreed the scheme was 'unacceptable'.

Neighbour Judy Jaafar lives next door at number 41, she said:

''The proposed development would have been totally overbearing and over-intensive, and Mr Doug Cramond, the Home Office inspector agreed wholeheartedly with the decision made by Ealing Planning Committee back in March this year that the development was unsuitable in a Conservation Area and that it would have had considerable, negative impact on me, the next door neighbour.

''His dismissal of the appeal was pretty thorough and all-encompassing. It's quite heartening to know that, although there is a manifest shortage of housing and the government is relaxing planning laws, there is also wisdom at the Planning Inspectorate in Bristol when it comes to heritage assets and conservation.

''On the same day, Mr. Cramond also dismissed an appeal for an unsightly row of garages in garden land at the rear of Corfton Road, bordering on West Walk. This illustrates what people can achieve when they get together and are committed to a just cause. Without all our petitions and letters to Ealing Council, which were then seen by the Planning Committee that makes the decision, in all likelihood this application would have been passed, so thoroughly recommended was it by the planners.

'' May I take the liberty of offering a huge thank you from all of us in the Castlebar Road area to Victor Mishiku, a tireless campaigner for better planning, and without whose knowledge and energy we would have struggled to make any impact."

Mr Mishiku who led the campaign adds:

'' In my opinion, Dr Sahota was very poorly advised to propose such a radical form of development. For any future application, perhaps a more sympathetic architect and planner could be found who would not upset everyone like a bull in a china shop!  

''Despite this false start, I nonetheless would like to thank Dr Sahota for his kind support to the Housing Association residents who are fighting to save their garden at Abbey Lodge just one street away from Longfield Walk.''

Dr Sahota has sent this statement to Ealing Today:

"As I have previously made clear, during the pre-planning process I was advised by Ealing Council that my original, more traditional plans for additions to my future family home were not in keeping with best practice and a more modern approach should have been taken.

''As the Planning Inspector points out, I was advised incorrectly. I do hope however that the Planning Inspector's decision will finally bring an end to the wild and scurrilous accusations of impropriety that have been levied against me by some seeking to score points before next year's May local elections.

''Whilst I am disappointed that my appeal was not upheld, as has always been the case I still intend of moving into Castlebar Road with my family. I will submit amended plans in the New Year which will reflect the decision of the Planning Inspector, which are as binding to the Council as they are to me."



12th December 2013