Politician Loses Haven Green Planning Appeal

Planning Inspector agrees proposed extension 'unacceptable'

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An Ealing Labour politician involved in a dispute over plans to extend his Haven Green house has lost his appeal.

Dr Onkar Sahota, Ealing and Hillingdon GLA representative, bought the property on Castlebar Road in 2011 for £1.4million. He wanted to extend it sideways, to the rear, add a basement and a glass roof.

The 128-year-old house is in Ealing's Haven Green Conservation area, and local residents have been furious with the proposals which they say are highly detrimental to the area.

Councillors voted against the building application but Dr Sahota exercised his right to appeal to the Planning Inspector.

The inspector, D Cramond, has today (11 Dec) issued his report which supports local concerns and dismisses Dr Sahota's appeal.

The report (pdf) says:'' The proposal would represent a significant change in footprint, massing, fenestration, roof form and rear elevational treatment of this property.

''Amongst other matters the Appellant wishes to add an overly large box type structure to the roof, to markedly alter and excessively increase the height of an outrigger pitch and to add an awkward large modern single storey flat roofed extension.

''These would all change what is presently a low key and visually polite rear face, with good degrees of symmetry and rhythm in tune with the adjoining properties, to one which was over-developed, incongruous in character and jarring on the eye.''

It continues: '' I note that neighbours have raised concern over the massing and proximity of
the proposed works. I would agree that the appeal scheme would, as a result of these characteristics, lead to a degree of dominance and a sense of being hemmed-in.''

And the Inspector concludes: '' For the reasons given above I conclude that the appeal proposal would have unacceptable adverse effects on the character and appearance of the host property and the locality. Accordingly the appeal is dismissed.''

Dr Sahota's application for costs was also dismissed.


11th December 2013