Ealing's Olympic Volunteers Double Whammy

They get to perform in both the opening and closing ceremonies

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Elaine Lau, Marie McLernon, Anne Costello, Sonja Garsvo and Lucy Abrahams - volunteer performers in the Olympic Ceremonies.



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A group of performers from Ealing who took part in the Olympics opening ceremony say it was the most extraordinary night of their lives.. so far.

The five women took different roles in the memorable night of July 28th.

They helped create giant bubbles, acted as guard of honour for the London Symphony Orchestra and Rowan Atkinson, and led the athlete flagbearers back to their teams.

Lucy Abrahams, a Website Manager at the University of West London, says her favourite part of the experience was being behind the scenes and seeing the Olympic Stadium and Olympic Park being finished in the last few weeks.

She said: '' It was lovely to have some surprises on the night like the Olympic flame. Normally I spend my time behind a computer screen or at the gym, so this was a real break from my day job. I've met some fantastic people, the enthusiasm and energy is inspiring.''

Marie McLernon said :'' My everlasting memory of the show was the moment the 5 rings came together to produce a shower of sparks.  The audience response was a gasp and a 'wow'’.  Standing 50 yards from the lit copper petals rising to form the Olympic cauldron I thought there was no other place I would rather be.''

The gang, known as the ‘Mechanicals’ after the comedy performers in Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream - say they will never forget the Opening ceremony - but are now eagerly anticipating August 12th.

Sonja Garsvo, Committee Member Walpole Friends added :

''This was truly an experience of a lifetime, it brought together a number of disparate volunteers all with one aim, to make these the best Olympic Games ever!  There was a tremendous spirit among all, despite the long hours of rehearsal, the rain and very late nights getting home.  It made me proud to be British and part of such an amazing community. AND we get to do it all again on August 12th – how good is that?''



7th August 2012











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