New Year Messages From Ealing Labour Representatives

Reflections on 2009 and thoughts and hopes for 2010

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  A New Year Message from Virendra Sharma MP:

  “As I look back over 2009 in Parliament it has been dominated by the MPs’ expenses scandal. Fortunately for the 3 Ealing MPs we all had the good sense not to take the second home allowance and so never hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons as other MPs did.

Indeed the Daily Telegraph called us Saints although I wouldn’t go that far.

2010 with a general election and local elections being held is a good opportunity for politicians to re-engage with the public but the other big issue facing everyone is securing economic recovery.

2009 was a tough year economically but the right decisions were made by the government and 2010 should see growth again.  

The stakes are high and choking off government spending too early as proposed by the Tories could send us back into recession. Voting in the upcoming elections could therefore not be more important!   Let’s hope it is a happy, peaceful and prosperous New Year for everyone.”


New Year Message from Cllr Julian Bell, Leader of Ealing Labour Group of Councillors:

'' 2009 was a challenging year for everyone especially financially and 2010 will continue to be tough. For these reasons Labour proposed a freeze in the Council Tax for 2010 and we are delighted the Tories have followed our lead.  

Tackling climate change is a pressing global issue that demands local action. Local people have responded magnificently by increasing recycling rates in 2009 and the Council under pressure from Labour have now extended recycling to flats.

I’d recommend one of my New Year resolutions to you - to reduce our carbon emissions by 10% in 2010. 2010 will be a year of decision with both local and general elections being held.

It is time for a change at Ealing Council but the economic stakes nationally could not be higher and to secure the recovery we need a Labour government.  

May I wish everyone in Ealing a happy and prosperous New Year!



December 30th, 2009