Norwood Green Police Station Likely To be Sold

Listed building no longer fit for purpose

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Norwood Green Police Station was built in 1889 on the site of the old Manor Farm

Objections to Demolition of Historical Building


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A police station built in 1889 and bequeathed to the police force looks set to be sold off.

Finances from the sale of Norwood Green would be used to improve other police buildings in Ealing.

The consultation on the proposals ends on Monday 5th July:

Closure of Norwood Green SNT

Norwood Green Safer Neighbourhoods Team have been asked by Superintendent Ian Jenkins to consult locally with significant community leads on the proposed sale of Norwood Green Police Station.

As most of you will be aware Norwood Green Police Station was closed in late 2008 following a consultation exercise. Although it has been boarded up and empty since that time it remains as part of the Metropolitan Police Service estate.

The Metropolitan Police Authority have asked for a further consultation exercise to be completed in relation to the disposal of Norwood Green Police Station.

The building was constructed in 1889 and bequeathed to the Met in 1890 for use as a police station; the doors opened for business on Monday 16th June 1890.
The legal side of this legacy has been looked into and this does not stop the building from being sold. The Station Office was shut a number of years before the closure of the police station and the building was used as a base for two safer neighbourhoods teams and a number of safer schools officers.

These officers have now been re-housed at The Arches Business Centre in Merrick Road, Southall at a purpose built safer neighbourhoods base.

We have been asked to highlight the following points.

Norwood Green Police Station is not fit for purpose for modern policing. It will cost a significant amount of money to make any improvements.
The Arches has been opened and it is accessible to communities in Southall. It is a viable alternative.
The Arches is the ward base for two Safer Neighbourhood Teams, who are working to deliver community policing.
The Safer Neighbourhood Officers continue to patrol on their ward areas, working to make Ealing a safer place to live, work and visit.

Any finances raised from the sale of Norwood Green Police Station would be available for the improvement of other police buildings on Ealing Borough.

This is your opportunity to have a say in the proposed sale of Norwood Green Police Station.

Please contact Norwood Green SNT with your email address so that we can send you a questionnaire to fill out, and a letter from the Superintendent.

There is a very tight deadline for this consultation and all replies must be back with Superintendent Jenkins by Monday 5th July 2010.

You can hand your completed questionnaires in at The Arches SNT Base or send them to;

Ealing Police Station
Ealing W5 5BR


30 June 2010

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