Ealing Author Shares Her Recovery Story

New book from young adults aims to inspire and reassure

Nia Modley


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A young Ealing woman who has previously shared mental health battles through her spoken poetry is now one of 25 authors in a powerful new book.

''You Are a LIMITED EDITION" is a collection of individual stories by young adults designed to provide help, reassurance and inspiration to others and a timely publication as many struggle through the latest lockdown.

Nia Modley, 22, has previously written powerful poems about her difficult teenage years, her work was seen by the book's editor who invited Nia to share her experiences of anorexia and bulimia.

In the new book she writes: ''I was a gregarious, outgoing, full of life little girl, and the world really was my oyster. However, hitting teenage years something shifted and changed within me. I had always been the ‘good girl’, I was able and for the most part took life in my stride. However, this changed when I went to secondary school. I felt out of my depth - a small fish in a big pond- and a flood of vulnerabilities came to surface. I felt unsure of who I was, I felt less than, I felt unseen, I felt overwhelmed at the prospect of becoming an ‘adult’; I turned to food…….. I have learned about my own personal strength, which is more phenomenal than I ever would have realised. I have learnt that I cannot do this on my own. I have learnt the power in asking for help. I have learnt there is no shame in not being ok, that everyone on some level, has their own personal struggles…''

Nia says she hopes sharing her recovery journey will provide help to others in a number of ways, initially breaking the taboo and getting across the message that there is absolutely no shame in suffering with mental health illnesses.
'' I also hope it helps people realise that life isn’t linear. Education isn’t linear. If you don’t complete school when all your peers do that is ok. If you take 5 years out before going to university that is also really quite ok. If you don’t go to university heck that’s more than ok. We live in a society where it seems everyone reaches these milestones at an expected time and if you haven’t reached them you’ve ‘failed’. However I hope people realise that this is so far from the truth. I hope people reading this chapter are encouraged to take time out and focus on their mental health during times of need, and have the courage to ask for help. Above all I hope it helps at least someone feel less alone in whatever struggle they are facing right now.''  

All profits from the book will go towards supporting young people who face barriers to employment.

You Are A LIMITED EDITION – Available to buy from 1 March on Amazon and in bookstores worldwide.£9.99. Register for notifications and details of book launch here.

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Annemarie Flanagan

1 February 2021


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