Big Hearted Naresh To Climb Snowdon

Sen Nin owner to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis Trust

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Naresh Kapur

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Ealing's Sen Nin - A Foody Theatrical Experience


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A local restaurant owner who witnessed the worst of Ealing on 8th August is putting it all behind him to help others.

Naresh Kapur, from the Sen Nin teppanyaki restaurant on The Mall, is climbing Snowdon on Sunday to raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust.

He says: '' The CF Trust do so much and this is the least we can do. I know a family whose child has CF and the family really suffer.

''The child is lovely, normal, no physical difficulties but in your mind you know that when he reaches the teenage years, his problems will begin and are life threatening.

'' I just hope that in 20 years we have a cure. Once I told the story to my staff , they all insisted that we must do something."

Naresh - who opened the Ealing restaurant less than a year ago - says he was devastated by the recent riots:

'' We closed for 2 days to clear us the mess. My front windows were smashed with petrol poured onto the cracks in the windows.

'' Luckily they didn't’t set it on light. I know the other restaurants tried to open afterwards but we took the advice of the Police and closed.

''The riots were terrible for us. So many cancellations, I just hope Ealing can recover from this and people start coming out.''

You can support Naresh by donating here and eating here


1st September 2011

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