My Ealing - Sophie Cook

Blogging sisters who are up for a 'tasty' award

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Sophie, 28, and younger sister, Emily, 26 didn't have to search hard for a name for their website.

The 'Cook' sisters originally from Oxfordshire recently moved to West Ealing and write a recipe based site Cooks Cook which has been entered for the UK Blog Awards 2015

Apart from cooking, the sisters have a passion for dogs, the outdoors and world travel.

Sophie tells us a bit more about what she likes about Ealing and shares a few of the most popular recipes on the blog.


When did you both move to Ealing and why?

I moved to Ealing last month and purchased a flat with my partner in W13. Emily is living with us temporarily, while see relocates to London from Dusseldorf. The community spirit in Ealing was the first thing that really stood out to us, this combined with the close vicinity to Heathrow and the West made it the perfect choice.

What are your favourite bits?

Walpole Park and Pitzhanger Manor. The beautiful Edwardian streets. Poisson Fishmongers on Northfields Ave. Everything is on your doorstep in Ealing!

What do you like least?

Parking is a bit of a problem on our Road. Unfortunately, there are no resident parking permits in place so it's difficult to find a spot, especially on the weekends

With a name like Cook were you always destined to be interested in cookery? When did you both get involved? What were your favourite meals as children?

Both of our parents were keen cooks so I guess it's something that we picked up naturally. We both started cooking at a very young age. My favourite meal as a child was Sausages and Mash - my Dad's mash potato was a family special! Emily's favourite was a Fish Finger sandwich in fresh white bread. We still love to serve up these classics from time to time!

Do you think anyone can learn to cook?

Yes definitely. It's all about practice and experimentation. However, in order to make something good I think you need to enjoy and have a passion for food. 

What do you try to achieve on the website?

We wanted to create a collection of enjoyable and balanced recipes. Health and nutrition is really important to us but often a guilt-filled treat is just a part of life. We like to include a wide-range of recipes that everyone can make and enjoy.

Which recipe has proved most popular?

 Our top 3 most popular recipes are White Chocolate & Pistachio Cheesecake, Crustless Quinoa Quiche and Strawberry Meringue Cupcakes

There's been a bit of a growth in restaurants in Ealing... which ones are your particular faves?

Santa Maria Pizzeria is my current favourite! I'm a big fan of Italian food and this is in my opinion the best pizza in London.

What sort of restaurant is lacking in Ealing?

I'm yet to find a really good gastropub or somewhere to go for a proper Sunday roast. However, I still have a lot of exploring to do!

Would you ever open one?

We'd love to and it's a possibility! Watch this space :)


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11th November 2014