My Ealing - Cassie Greenwood

Meet a local woman who has got a passion for food

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Cassie Greenwood

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Cassie Greenwood is a mum of two and lives in Northfields. Having previously worked in the events industry, she is now running the third YUM W13 Food Festivals. It takes place at the Forester Pub this Saturday 27th September, between 11am - 6pm.

Where in Ealing do you live and how long you been there?

I moved to Ealing 11 years ago when I moved in with my (now) Husband. We bought a flat on The Grove and when my Daughter arrived we moved to Northfields where we have been for the last 4 years.

What do you like best about Ealing?

I love the community spirit, it is such a friendly place to live! I think that comes from everything being on your doorstep, so you never need to drive anywhere... from my house it is a two minute walk to the shops, to the park, to my Daughters school and to the tube station.

....And least?

The parking. I hate the fact that I often end up parking a couple of streets away as our road seems to be very popular for those visiting Lammas Park. I also hate the amount of shops that are just closed down and empty. I visited the West Ealing Community shop the other day and thought it was an amazing concept with loads of great clothes.

Have you always been interested in food?

Yes, my Dad is a Chef and runs his own restaurant, I therefore grew up polishing cutlery, making starters or desserts and finally made it to being a waitress before studying Hospitality and Catering Management at college and university.

What's your favourite meal?

It would have to be something my Dad cooks- he makes an amazing pate, followed by Seafood platter or Beef Wellington and then cheese... the smellier the better!

Do you have top local restaurants (any hidden gems too) - what are they?

Where do I start!? On Northfields Avenue alone there's Teracotta, Kathmandu and Maxims all of which I love. Our Friday night take away is always from India India and it never disappoints. My hidden gem would be Charlottes Place, we use to live very close by and going there for Sunday lunch.

What do you think makes a good restaurant?

A good chef, someone who has passion and a natural flare for food.

How did you get the idea of the YUM Festival?

I set it up with a friend of mine who is also a Mum. We spoke one day at a playgroup about running a local event and after a night spent brain storming after a bottle of wine we arrived at the concept of YUM.

What's happening there this year?

We have some great local restaurants taking part in including Silva Lining- Caribbean, Kathmandu- Nepalese, Amalfi Cafe- Pasta and Ciabattas, Thai @ The Forester we also have some great Barbecued sausage supplied by Richardsons Butchers and cakes by Buttercream & Daisies. For children we have a visit by the 'I Know Why it's Yum Mum' Rainbow Fairy, crafts by Creation Station, biscuits to decorate supplied by Parkers Bakery, fruit kebab making and face painting.

What plans do you have for the future?

I would love to see YUM food festivals pop up in other areas, but whatever happens I definitely plan to run more local events.

If you had to write a motto for Ealing... what would yours be?

A village community in the heart of London.

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24th September 2014