Tributes to Jim Marshall From Ealing's Music Scene

and announcement of first gig of The Ealing Club coming up

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'The Father of Loud' - Jim Marshall Dies


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Today, we had scheduled an update of all the events and activities related to the Ealing Club and the Blue Plaque which everybody on this mailing list has helped achieve, in some small way.

Unfortunately, this morning we heard that the founder of Marshall Amplification, Jim Marshall passed away at the age of 88.

For all those that appreciate Rock music, Jim Marshall's contribution does not have to be restated.

His amps are quite simply recognised as the sound of Rock
and their development is closely linked to the emergence of the Ealing Club and the resulting British Rhythm and Blues/Blues Rock Scene.

J & T Marshall, the music shop from Hanwell was advertised in same issues of Jazz News that Alexis Korner, used to advertise the first "Rhythm and Blues" nights at Hanwell. And the first Marshall amps were first tested in the Ealing Club in mid 1962.

Perhaps the greatest tribute we could offer to Jim and to his son, Terry who has been participating throughout the Blue Plaque Campaign, is to update everybody on the first of the Ealing Club gigs at the Red Room, the Ealing Blues Festival and the Ealing Club Exhibition at Pitzhanger Manor.

We are sure Jim Marshall and Terry would be delighted to know that all these events are being planned. So please book your tickets for the 26th April.

The latest updates on the Blue Plaque and Gigs are here

Jim Marshall The Father of Loud

We look forward to hearing some more "Loud" Marshall sounds in Ealing, Hanwell and well beyond!

many thanks

The Ealing Club

5th April 2012



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