Ealing Councillor Victim of McDonalds 'Queue Rage'

Woman found guilty of assault after attack


Ealing Common Councillor Jon Ball

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A woman's been found guilty of deliberately driving her car at an Ealing Councillor, breaking his toe, in a queue rage incident at McDonalds.

It happened in Lambeth three years ago when the Liberal Democrat representative, Jon Ball, was out late celebrating a birthday with a friend.

He says they went to the drive-through window because the restaurant was shut, but a woman waiting in a car became angry and accused him of queue jumping.

The woman got out, punched and kicked his friend and when Mr Ball tried to stop the attack her boyfriend intervened.

The couple got back in the car and, as Mr Ball called 999, the woman drove straight at him - knocking him over. He was left with a broken toe, cuts and bruising.

Mr Ball says the culprit was arrested soon afterwards but due to a series of delays the case only made it to court last week. The charge was downgraded from Grievous Bodily Harm to Actual Bodily Harm.

He says: '' I'm glad that the system worked - eventually - and a person who is a danger to society has been found guilty. I await her sentencing in April with interest.''


23 March 2011


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