Can The Last One Out Please Turn off The Lights?

The message that didn't appear to get through at Ealing Council

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Christmas morning at Perceval House (Ealing Council)


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This photo - showing a fully lit Perceval House on Christmas morning - was sent to us by an angry forum member (he wishes to remain nameless, but has complained to the council).

He observed that every light was on in the building as well as plasma/LCD screens in the foyer and speculates that the heating was probably on too. He says:

'' Given that the UK was trying to lead the world on climate change issues and many other councils have signed up to the 1010 campaign it's a disgrace that Ealing council leaves lights that will waste huge amounts of energy on needlessly.''

Ealing council has a target of reducing Council carbon emissions by 30% by 2013, and reduce Borough wide emissions by 10% by 2011.

A Council spokesman sent this explanation:

“Some essential Ealing Council services are provided 365 days a year. Consequently staff were working in Perceval House on Christmas Day. We are committed to saving energy, reducing waste and helping tackle climate change. The lighting system in the building is controlled by movement sensors that switch lights off automatically and the heating system was not on over the Christmas period.”








December 30th,2009