Is Ealing's Planning Blueprint Unfit for Purpose?

Objections that local residents haven't been involved

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The Local Development Framework (LDF) is the planning blueprint for future of Ealing for the next 15 years - an important process but one that has failed to attract much interest.

Public meetings throughout the borough have had low turnouts and the council has now extended the consultation deadline until the end of this month.

Planning information is often presented in lengthy documents which can be inaccessible to many.

Eric Leach from West Ealing Neighbours (WEN) has described the LDF content and process as 'a shambles' which has failed to involve the community.

He believes it's crucial to illustrate what the plans mean locally and has compiled 10 different objection forms explaining how his area will be affected.

In one form he reveals that over the next 15 years Ealing Council want to demolish over 50 shops in the centre of West Ealing and build 1,245 new homes. Another illustrates that there are no plans to build any new schools or expand any existing schools.

The objections conclude that the council has failed to undertake community involvement and declares the Ealing 2026 LDF as 'unfit for purpose'.

On Monday 22nd November WEN will be holding a meeting (7.30pm at Dean Hall on Singapore Road) to discuss the issues.

Specific council policies to be discussed include the proposed developments in West Ealing centre including extensive building of blocks of flats, and 50+ shop demolitions.

The meeting will also discuss what is missing in the plans – including the lack of new educational and healthcare facilities to support the 3,500 new residents in the 1,245 new homes.

Attendees will also be shown how to register their objections.

November 4, 2010

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