Mystery Over Lammas Park 'Swamp' Solved

There's a new 'work in progress' watery feature in the park

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Lammas Park wetland



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There's been growing curiosity over an area of Lammas Park which has progressively become more swamp like.

Many local residents have wondered what was going on and whether this watery patch was an act of nature or otherwise.

The answer has now been provided.

A council spokesperson tells us:

“The Lammas Park wetland area is a work in progress, designed to alleviate the occasional flooding that occurs in this area, usually in winter, by containing the water safely in one area.

''It then gradually dries out in summer, enhancing the biodiversity of the park and creating a more interesting and attractive area for park users.

'' As with all nature projects, it will blend into its environment as it develops and as the wetland plants and bulbs being planted this spring come into flower. Additionally, the planned flower meadows around the immediate area will also add to the visual appeal of Lammas Park.Signage was also put up by the feature to keep the public informed of developments.''


17th April 2015