Lammas Park Play Centre To Close in June

More than 1,200 people signed petition opposing the cuts

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Parents and carers throughout Ealing are devastated to hear the news that Lammas Park Play Centre will be closing on June 5th.

Ealing Council blames budget cuts and say they can no longer provide staffing for the free drop-in centre.

The outside play facilities and nature area will remain open but the indoor centre which provides reading, play and craft activities will shut.

Local parent Mary Horesh has led the campaign against the closure and writes to Ealing Today as below:

''I am so sad that Ealing council has chosen to close Lammas park play centre. The centre is a popular and well used resource by preschool parents and is a unique place in the area. I understand in the difficult economic times that there has to be cut backs but hoped that there might be other options to keep the place open. 

''I presented the Save Lammas park play centre petition in December to the full council with 1,285 signatures asking the council to consider other options. As I stated in my petition it will deprive preschool children of access to learning through play and isolate parents, carers and children a place to socialise and gather.

''Many parents when signing the petition said it’s a life saver, with someone commenting on the e-petition that the play centre enabled her to visit the park and the play centre “saved me from isolation and post-natal depression”. Other people who signed were grandparents, child minders and parents with older children who used the play centre when they were small.

''The comments on the e-petition show how valued the play centre is on our community and the role it has played in last 40 years.   Uniquely to the local area Lammas park play centre offers accessible green space to preschool children, which is essential for wellbeing for both carer and child, but also offers shelter from the changeable British weather and toilets.

'' I am trying to contact businesses or groups to consider running their business at the play centre buildings and am hoping to get further information on the results of the council consultation on the future use of the building.

''If the playcentre is to close or change business use, there will be no toilets in Lammas park. If the building is to remain empty there is a risk of vandalism and the risk of squatters, graffiti and building to fall into disrepair which would be such a waste.'' 



Ealing Council have sent this statement:

“As part of the council’s £96million budget reductions, we will no longer be running the inside stay and play sessions at Lammas Park play centre from 5 June, although the outside areas will stay open. We are now inviting groups to contact us to discuss how they could invest in and use the building for a related business, such as a playgroup or nursery, while still offering stay and play sessions. Anyone who would like to put forward a proposal should email ”


12th March 2015