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Charity challenge to raise funds for Macmillan

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Could you wear nothing but second-hand clothing for a whole year?

Imagine no more proper, brand spanking new clothes fresh out of the wrapper. No Saturday shopping splurges with your girlfriends or quick lunch break trawls round the shops.

Well that's exactly the dilemma that 28 year old Kim Sklinar has set herself in 2011 when she launched her campaign PrelovedReloved, in order to raise £2500 for Macmillan Cancer Support.

A keen fundraiser who is always looking for a challenge, Kim has launched PrelovedReloved in honour of her dad, a cancer patient who sadly passed away on 7th January this year.

Becoming a stranger to the high street fashion stores in 2011, Kim, from W5 will instead be scouring charity shops and fashion markets, eBay and vintage fairs as well as making and upcycling her own garments in order to find new old clothes to supplement her wardrobe.

Kim says: “I am looking forward to not bumping into three people wearing the same dress as me at the same event! More and more vintage pieces are sneaking into my wardrobe, and I love hunting for unusual items. I love new garments (new to me, anyway) and I will be updating my outfits as the seasons come and go.”

Kim will be completing the project to raise awareness of cancer, heart disease and diabetes, while also raising funds for the charity Macmillan Cancer Support.

“Macmillan was a natural choice,” she says. “They provide an amazing emotional and financial crutch to those suffering (and their families) from this evil disease.”

Callum Mackay, Macmillan’s North West fundraising manager said: “We’re so excited about this original fundraising idea. We’re always pleased when people set themselves new challenges to raise money, but this is a first. We’re sure that Kim will stand out with her unique wardrobe and she can also be proud that she is making a real difference.”

Please follow Kim’s blog, where you can donate money via JustGiving as well as keep track of Kim’s year-long journey of second-hand fashion.

Tweets of encouragement and ideas for where to shop are also welcome! Thanks for your support!


09 February 2010

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