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Reynard Mills Returns


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Ealing and Charing Cross Hospitals’ A&Es to stay open

After a massive campaign driven by residents, and supported by all local politicians, Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt listened to the concerns of local residents and has overturned the local NHS decision to close A&E services at Ealing and Charing Cross Hospitals. We have all made representations, whilst Ealing Central & Acton MP Angie Bray spoke directly to senior ministers, including the Prime Minister himself, highlighting residents’ concerns.
Speaking in Parliament last week, Jeremy Hunt declared: “I can absolutely confirm that A&Es will remain at Charing Cross and Ealing Hospitals.” Mr Hunt’s announcement guarantees that the A&Es at these hospitals would remain open 24/7, receiving ambulance admissions.
Clearly we need to comprehend the full implications of his announcement, but our cross-party campaign has worked for the benefit of the borough’s residents. This is a much better solution than we could have hoped for just 12 months ago.

Parking around Northcroft Road, Midhurst Road, Clitherow Avenue areas

Since the extension of parking restrictions up to the other (east) side of Northfields Avenue on Dudley Gardens, Kingsdown Ave, Camborne Ave etc, there has been a petition from residents on Salisbury Rd, Mayfield Ave and Balfour Road, wanting it extended to their roads. If this were to happen then clearly there would be a knock-on effect across the neighbourhood, right up to the Boston Manor CPZ. Because of this, Ealing Council will consult as to whether residents want a CPZ.
However you can be assured that this will only happen if the majority across the neighbourhood wants it.

Parking in Little Ealing

Since the introduction of new parking restrictions in Brentford a number of residents, across the Little Ealing area, have said that they want a Controlled Parking Zone introduced. But we also know that a number don’t.
If a scheme were to be introduced it would be for the whole area bounded by
Little Ealing Lane, Windmill Road, South Ealing Road & Darwin Rd.
As Councillors we have distributed an InTouch leaflet to all residents across the area, explaining the situation, and many of you have already responded. Please let us know what you think.

Parking in South Ealing

Similarly we have written to all residents in Zones S1/2 with an InTouch leaflet, following the consultation, explaining that there was no appetite for change so the parking restrictions will remain unchanged.

Reynard Mills site, Brentford

Having had several options for over-dense housing refused, this site was recently sold to Notting Hill Housing, the housing association, which is apparently planning a mix of affordable and market housing. As Councillors we are keeping a close eye on this development. There are drop-in sessions at South Ealing Christian Centre, 51 Carlyle Rd W5 4BP on Friday 15 Nov 3:00 – 7:00pm and Saturday 16 Nov 12noon – 4:00pm, to see Notting Hill’s plans for the site.

We’d welcome your comments, so please let us know what you think.

Plough junction

There have been calls for a roundabout to replace the current T-Junction. Transport for London will fund a study next year and, if appropriate, this will be introduced.

Tree planting

The Northfield Ward Forum, including a double-up from the Mayor of London, has agreed to fund planting 16 new trees. We’d welcome ideas on where these should be planted. How about at Northfields Community Centre, Fielding Walk, Bramley Gardens or Blondin Park or on particular roads? Of course, the don’t all need to be planted in one place. Let us know where you think they should be planted.

Northfield Police
Can be contacted
Main phone number: 020 8721 2950

We’d welcome keeping in touch, so contact us if we can help in any way
Councillor David Millican
020 8810 1989
Councillor Mark Reen
0793 947 9968
Councillor Phil Taylor
0793 175 5946






13 November 2013