Conservatives Urge Council To Fully Oppose HS2

Deadline for objections to rail link is 29th July

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Local Conservative Councillors say Ealing should join a group of authorities that oppose the High Speed Rail Link (HS2).

The deadline for objections about the proposed rail link between London and Birmingham is 29th July 2011 , and campaigners are urging everyone to have their say about the proposals.

Objectors say the line will destroy homes in Greenford and Perivale. Many will also suffer from increased noise levels with trains travelling up to 155mph, without the benefit of any station accessing the route locally. In addition, building the route would involve severe disruption at the Hanger Lane Gyratory.

The London Mayor Boris Johnson wants the route to be tunnelled and Ealing Council has registered a holding objection to the initial route plans because of the disruption that could be caused at borough level.

Local Conservative Opposition Councillors say Ealing isn't doing enough and should join the 51m - a group of authorities working together to oppose HS2 - but this was rejected by the Labour Group.

Councillor Gregory Stafford, Deputy Leader of the Opposition said:

"HS2 will blight the lives of the residents in the North of the Borough. The Labour Council must show its commitment to fighting this proposal and supporting our local residents. It is shameful that they continue to equivocate and vacillate on this issue. Residents need to see firm leadership on this matter, which is what local Conservatives are giving."

Councillor Jason Stacey, Greenford Green Ward said:

“It is difficult to understand why Labour are so reluctant to join the 51M Group. It surely makes sense that the efforts being made by many local residents and groups in this borough are co-ordinated with the efforts being made by communities right along the route. This would undoubtedly maximise the impact of the campaign against the proposed HS2 link. It seems that the Labour administration are saying that they are opposed but are not really prepared to do very much to back this up.”

Councillor Bassam Mahfouz, cabinet member for Transport and Environment, said:

''Given the holding objection we submitted received bi-partisan support we want to allow HS2 ltd and the government to respond before a final decision to join the 51m group or not will be made.

''If the Conservatives in Ealing were serious about being anti-HS2 then they would have supported the two motions that we agreed at the last full council against HS2, one of which was essentially endorsing the letter they signed with us.

''That tells me they're more interested in trying to score petty party political points than responding to the needs of the community we are standing up to represent and a level of immaturity I am coming to expect from the Tories under their new leadership.''


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