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Picture Left to right Nigel Sumner - Joy Morrissey - Gregory Stafford

Local Elections 2014

253 Candidates For Ealing's Elections

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Joy Morrissey

Joy Morrissey was born in the USA, but is now a UK citizen. She has worked in the private sector and has also undertaken extensive voluntary work. Joy completed her Masters at LSE, where she was elected to the Board of Governors. Joy works for local MP Angie Bray on community outreach. She has lived in Ealing for 6 years, and as the mother of a 2 year old daughter, has a keen interest in local nurseries and schools. Joy is also passionate about improving the quality of services for the elderly.

joyinboden@yahoo.com / 07878 130767

Councillor Gregory Stafford

Councillor Gregory Stafford has lived in Ealing all his life. He was educated at St. Benedict's School and has been active in the community ever since. A governor at a local primary school, Greg has been an Ealing councillor since 2007. He works in the health sector and is deputy leader of the Conservative group on the Council and spokesman on health and social services. Greg led the successful campaign against local A&E downgrades and locally campaigns for cleaner streets and better rubbish collection. He lives in Hanger Hill ward with his wife of 4 weeks.

gregory.stafford@btinternet.com / 07973 119625

Councillor Nigel Sumner

Councillor Nigel Sumner was elected as a Councillor in 1994. He is married with two children and has lived in the Borough since 1976. Although now retired, Nigel enjoyed a career in business and finance. He is currently opposition spokesperson for Licensing and Regulatory, and Green Champion for Trees, Hedgerows, Footpaths, and Orchards. Nigel is incredibly passionate about the environment and is currently the chairman of Ealing in Bloom. He has also played an active role in many local schools, holding the chairman of governors position at schools including West Acton Primary.

nigelrsumner@gmail.com / 07947 477778

Hanger Hill

With the retirement of the long standing Hanger Hill Cllr Diana Pagan, the Conservatives continue to be ably represented by Cllr Nigel Summer, who is now joined by Joy Morrissey and Cllr Greg Stafford. 

Joy, Greg and Nigel are deeply concerned that residents have to fight to protect their green spaces and the laissez faire attitude of the Planning Department when dealing with developers.

The downgrading of park cleaning is also worrying, when coupled with the inconsistent nature of the waste and recycling collection.  Over 5,000 residents, many from the Hanger Hill ward signed a petition against Labour’s £40 Garden Tax, which the Conservatives have pledge to abolish. 

Many of the homes in the ward have leafy trees, which is what makes Ealing so green and beautiful.  Charging residents to collect their garden waste was therefore counterproductive as many residents have stopped helping to keep the area in front of their houses tidy, as they have to pay to get the leaves collected.

Over the past four years, there has been a noticeable neglect of the centre of the Borough by the Labour Administration who has prioritising the outer wards for investment and improvement.

The Conservatives campaigned with residents to save the Libraries; started the Pitzhanger Manor and Walpole Park projects; are committed to redevelop Ealing Broadway station. 

With your support on Thursday, 22 May, Joy, Greg and Nigel are committed to delivering the six key pledges of a Conservative Administration:

  • 1.  Fix the street cleaning and waste collection
  • 2.  Scrap Labour’s £40 Garden Tax
  • 3.  Freeze Council Tax for 4 more years
  • 4.  Freeze all parking charges for 4 years
  • 5.  Spend £10M more than Labour fixing our roads and pavements
  • 6.  Get rid of the street drinking culture

Hanger Hill Ward

Has elected Tory councillors for some time and any change in 2014 would be a surprise.

Nominees for Election on May 22nd 2014

Candidate’s name Home address Description Proposer and Seconder
BROOKS Cameron David Mackenzie 13 Park Hill, Ealing, W5 2JS Liberal Democrat Anthony H Miller (P), Peter AWest (S)
HUSSAIN Amran 20 Milford Road, W13 9HZ Labour Benjamin Furber (P), Timothy Dinsley (S)
KENT Amanda 77 Haven Lane, Ealing, W5 2HZ Labour Benjamin Furber (P), Timothy Dinsley (S)
MILLER Tony 6 Winscombe Crescent, W5 1AZ Liberal Democrat Peter A West (P), David C Skelton (S)
MORRISSEY Joy Rebekah 7 Woodstock Grange, 95 Grange Road, Ealing, W5 3PE Conservative Sheila M Dixon (P), Norma M M Haythorn (S)
STAFFORD Gregory James Flat 25, Westville Grange,Westbury Road, Ealing, W5 2LJ Conservative Madeleine Morse (P), David J R Haythorn (S)
SUMNER Nigel Robert 66 Chatsworth Gardens, Acton Hill, Acton, W3 9LW Conservative Elizabeth Turceninoff (P), DavidJ R Haythorn (S)
VISARIA Ruby 31 Kings Road, W5 2SD The Green Party Barbara W Chapman (P), Jeremy S Coombes (S)
WEST Peter Alexander 38 Woodfield Avenue, W5 1PA Liberal Democrat Anthony H Miller (P), David C Skelton (S)
WOODGATE Paul John 12 Anderson Close, W3 6YJ Labour Benjamin Furber (P), Timothy Dinsley (S)

Ward Results for Local Election May 2010

Name of candidate Description Number of votes
PAGAN Diana Mary Conservative

3136 elected

DENNEHY Benjamin Luke Conservative

3130 elected

SUMNER Nigel Robert Conservative

2976 elected

BLAKE David Stephen Liberal Democrat Focus Team


MITCHELL Sarah Jane Liberal Democrat Focus Team


MILLER Tony Liberal Democrat Focus Team


GILL Raj Labour


WOODGATE Paul John Labour


NEKATI Prayer Labour


Conservatives hold three seats. Turnout: 61.97%

Ward Results for Local Election May 2006

Candidate Party No. of votes
Yerolemou, Barbara Czeslawa Conservative

2158 elected

Pagan, Diana Mary Conservative

2079 elected

Sumner, Nigel Robert Conservative

2037 elected

Andre, Jeannine Juin Liberal Democrat Focus Team


Hulley, Jonathan Roger Liberal Democrat Focus Team


Chadha, Immi Labour


LLoyd-James, Anna Clara Maryse Liberal Democrat Focus Team


Norrie, Amanda Karen Labour


Ahmed, Shabir Labour


Fisher, Thomas Howard Green Party



May 20th 2014