Ealing's 'Mr Bike' is a Local Hero

David Eales says cycling 'changed his life'


David Eales at the Bike Hub

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If there's a cycling event in or around Ealing you'll be sure to spot him.

David Eales from West Ealing, leads the Ealing Cycling Campaign (ECC) and lead he does - one of his greatest memories he says is ''looking back over my shoulder on one large ride and seeing there were over 100 people following me.''

He is also at the helm of the recently formed Bike Hub which he describes as " a labour of love to get people to get to know their bikes better and provide a community resource''.

The Bike Hub has helped over 100 people since it started last year, and ECC supports over 1,000 members.

David was nominated for our local hero award by one EalingToday.co.uk member because of 'his unstinting hard work, and general enthusiasm.'

Another said: 'he's helped lots of people old and young, experienced and novices get on their bikes.'

Accepting his fizz from EalingToday.co.uk David said he felt 'totally humble.'

He told us:

''I got into cycling on the advice of my doctor following constant back pain as he suggested I need to strengthen my core muscles. It seemed counted productive but it completely changed my life; I become involved with Ealing's branch of the London Cycle Campaign that supports new and existing cyclists within the borough.

''The group is quite the reverse of the normal view of a cycling club which why I became more and involved. We work with new and returning cyclists by organising regular social rides, community events such as information stalls at festivals, Dr Bike sessions at school fairs and other events as well as running regular maintenance lessons at our new community work shop.

''Over the years I've been involved in a diverse range of projects, from loaning our child seats to families to try cycling with children, to bike spraying on housing estates from Northolt to Acton.

''It's a pleasure to be involved in the group as it's such a great way to meet people of the borough I otherwise would not be in contact with, cycling is such a leveling means of transport that is open to each and everyone, young and old from what ever background.

''It's a real honour to be nominated by the members of EalingToday but I accept it on behalf of the group and all it's hard working volunteers.''

Congratulations David!


Other worthy nominees included:

The committee of the Pitshanger Community Association: 

''They have organised the Light up the Lane and the Party in the Park events for a number of years - in addition to the tree lights in Pitshanger Lane. The have also been a voice and information provider for the Pitshanger local community, as well as a fund raiser for various charities.''

The Mitchell Family of Ealing & Hanwell District Scouts

'' who do a fantastic job with the young people of the Borough. The Mitchell family, have transformed the Pitshanger Methodist 6th Ealing Group from a small number into one of the largest in the District in the last twelve months.''

Ian Breen - prize winning Volunteer Programme Manager:

''Ian has worked tirelessly with us at The Volunteer Centre in Ealing placing, supporting and managing volunteers we have referred and hosting our Vteam of young volunteers who cooked lunch during Volunteers Week in June.''

Jean Place from South Ealing - nominated all the way from Canada

'' I left Ealing some 50 years ago but love to receive all the Ealing Newsletters. September, 2009 I went back  to England for a holiday and to visit the house my brother and I grew up in at 14 Coningsby Road, South Ealing.  The owner was just going in and after chatting with her she asked us if we would like to come in for old times sake.  We were amazed and thrilled that she would be so kind as to offer us this opportunity.  My brother and I experienced many happy and sad memories together going through the house, but it was a thrill we will never forget.  Thank you Jean Place for this wonderful gesture - it meant the world to my brother and myself.  Jean is truly my HERO. Barbara Crawford, Lower Coverdale, New Brunswick, Canada. 



9th February 2011


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