Residents' Anger Over Increasing Anti-Social Activity in Hanwell

They're calling for action over streetdrinkers and drug users

stree drinkers connolly dell

(Connolly Dell photo: Kairi Malaspina)


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There's growing anger in Hanwell from residents who say street drinking and drug taking is making public areas 'no go' for many.

They want more action to crackdown on the growing alcohol and substance misuse problem which is blighting their neighbourhood.

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Hanwell residents are actively urging local councillors and police to sort out the ongoing problems associated with increasing numbers of street drinkers and drug users around both Hanwell Clock Tower and Connolly Dell Gardens.

Several residents believe some of the drinkers may be from St Mungo's hostel for the homeless situated on the Uxbridge Road close to the town centre.

drinkers Hanwell Clock Tower
(Photo: Liz Jenner)

In 2004 there was huge opposition against St Mungo's being situated in this proximity but a petition signed by hundreds was rejected. Following numerous complaints in July 2006 a Controlled Drinking Zone was applied which should give the police power to stop people drinking in the zone and to confiscate alcohol.

( Photo: Liz Jenner)

But despite notices still apparent in the area it's no longer believed to be in date and one resident said to me: ' What is the point in having a CDZ if no one is prepared to enforce it?

A local lady kindly clears up the lager cans, broken bottles and litter up at the clock tower benches. There were so many cigarette butts discarded there that the poor planters resemble a giant ashtray. She was also horrified to discover a used syringe and hypodermic needle.

( Syringe: Photo: Jane Symonds)

Another resident saw similar needle waste on Wednesday. It's a drinkers/druggies seat zone. Foul!

Further reports from locals confirm that they witness the drinkers urinating and defecating along the side of The Duke of York public house in Station rd and in an alleyway next to a prominent cafe where customers are sat drinking their coffee.

One man said 'Ive caught them in the act several times. It's a health risk and children use this route to go to St Joseph's school.'

Saint Melitus Methodist Church had to shut it's gates to all in recent years after the drinkers took over their churchyard garden. St Joseph's church opposite had beautiful planting and wooden benches but benches have since been removed. Lidl used to have seating outside in the parking area but this has also now been taken away.

Local developers should be concerned about the situation as it might potentially affect their ability to sell their luxury apartments. Catalyst, A2 Dominion,Elemento and Lou Hanwell are all currently investing in Hanwell.

There is however some sympathy amongst the community with one Facebook member commenting that 'We have to spend more money on them. Any civilized country actually invests in places to enable them to inject themselves cleanly'.

A large number of people are now aware of the current unbearable situation which has led to discussions about setting up a petition demanding the relevant authorities take action.

Liz Jenner

Ealing Today asked St Mungo's about how they were dealing with the problems and a spokesperson told us:

'' St Mungo’s project on Uxbridge Road is a place of support and recovery for 24 people who have been homeless, and some with a mix of mental health and substance use issues or history of sleeping rough. Residents stay with us for around two years while staff in the project help them to move on and into their own accommodation, including training and employment support, accessing health and wellbeing activities. We work very hard to be good neighbours and work closely with Ealing Safer Communities Team on any issues that do arise. We also link in with local partners to provide support and opportunities for vulnerable people in Ealing to rebuild their lives away from homelessness.''

An Ealing council spokesperson said: ''Over the last two years we have worked hard to identify specific individuals that cause anti-social behaviour issues in Hanwell and have liaised with the local community and the police to put in place community protection orders against persistent offenders.

“The picture is constantly changing and from listening to local residents, we know that anti-social behaviour in Hanwell town centre has increased. We are now talking to the police about what action they can take to tackle this problem, including increasing patrols and more enforcement of the legal measures already in place. We will also be asking our contractors, Park Guard, to increase their patrols.

“We encourage all residents that witness anti-social behaviour to report it to 101. When they report it, they should ask for a CAD number and email it to the community safety team at We will use these CAD reports to build a clearer picture of the area’s problems so we can find long term solutions.''


11th July 2017 ( updated)

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