New Road Layout At Hanwell Junction

Major changes to Uxbridge Road crossing

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Councillor Bassam Mahfouz inspecting the works in progress.



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Work is well underway to transform the notorious junction at Uxbridge Road and Church Road, Hanwell.

Traffic lights have been removed and a mini roundabout installed. Signalled crossings will also be put up either side of the roundabout on Uxbridge Road and zebra crossings on St George’s Road and Church Road.

The zebra crossings will be ready for pedestrians to use by next week. Transport for London is responsible for installing the signalled crossings on the Uxbridge Road and the council is pushing to have them fully operational as soon as possible

When finished, it's hoped the junction will be safer and also help make car journeys quicker.

Residents were consulted last year on a number of planned improvements to the Uxbridge Road through Hanwell and West Ealing.

The changes to the Church Road junction were given priority, because of local people’s concerns with the safety of the existing crossings.

Councillor Bassam Mahfouz, cabinet member for environment and customer services, said:

“Campaigners in Hanwell have been calling for a safer crossing at this junction for years and I have been committed to overturn the rejections we have had in the past from Transport for London to install them. I am delighted that after years of work my promise to make this busy junction safer will come to fruition as well as improving the traffic flow.

“I have seen how replacing traffic lights with roundabouts has cut queuing times in other parts of the borough, and it is already helping at this junction. Even when the signalled crossings are in place and working, the switch to a roundabout will keep the traffic flowing, but not at the expense of the crucial safety of pedestrians.”

Conservative Environment and Transport spokesman, Cllr Phil Taylor said:

“We are glad to see Ealing’s programme of roundabout construction rolling out.  This programme was kicked off by the Conservatives at Acton Town station and is made possible by the greater flexibility in the use of transport funds allowed by Conservative London Mayor, Boris Johnson.  This was a key feature of Johnson’s 2008 Mayoral campaign and these roundabouts have been rolling out across the borough ever since, speeding traffic very successfully. 

It is good to see Labour giving up their previous anti-car stance and getting with the programme.” 



Further works to improve the Uxbridge Road through Hanwell and West Ealing are scheduled to start in early 2015. For more information, go to

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4th February 2014