Anger Over Hanwell 'Music Festival' Applications

'No consultation' over proposals for weekend events on conservation areas


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The team behind the Hanwell Hootie have applied to Ealing Council for licenses which would enable more events to be put on throughout the year.

The popular one day annual Hootie which attracts thousands of people to the area will take place on May 12th 2018, however there has been some confusion after Hanwell Hootie CIC applied for 3 permanent licenses allowing up to 5 more, 4 day events with music, dance and alcohol.

The locations would include two conservation areas at St Georges Fields, Brent Meadow, as well as St Melitus church.

There has been some anger as residents say they have not been consulted and one of the deadlines for objecting has already run out with the others due to this week.

Old Hanwell Residents Association (OHRA) sent out the below information about the applications:


3 permanent licences are being applied for that allow for 5 x 4 day music, dance, alcohol licences over and beyond the Hootie.
 The licence will run from Friday/Saturday/Sunday and Monday 1pm – 11.30 & midnight (depending on site) in 3 locations in Hanwell. St Georges Fields, Brent Meadow,and St Melitus.·       
These premises licenses are being applied for by the Hanwell Hootie CIC that have previously hosted a 1 day Hootie Festival that attracts 15000 festival goers that used to be held 1 day a year. The Hootie will be the 6th event that will have a licence each year.  These new permanent licenses allow for 5 – 4days events per year in each location. Based on the current Hootie figures it is hard to say how many of the 15,0000 per day revelers will attend the 3 licenced premises, but as they hold the largest capacity throughout all the venues, it is highly probably they will be the most popular out of all the smaller niche pubs and bar venues in the Hootie. 
Over the Hootie the 15,000 revelers are encouraged to move between venues and with this licence allowing for 4 days of music, would see, a total of 60,000 party goers visiting venues over the 4 day period, serving alcohol for 11hrs from 1pm -11.30/midnight.  If the licence was excuted to its fullest extend it would serve a potential total of 300,000 party goers attending 5 x 4 days festivals.  315,000 if you include the existing Hootie making it 6 times a year. 

Residents are shocked that this could be allowed to take place under the guise of community interest, in a quiet residential area.  Many feel that creating licenced event venues in Hanwell open spaces destroys the spirit of celebrating Jim Marshal in a one off fabulous community event, filling the neighbourhood, with music, played by local bands and held by and for the community. But creating permanent licenced venues has nothing to do the much loved enjoyable 1 day Hootie and turns it into a major commercial venture.  


Should this licence go ahead, granting the right to hold 5 more events, there would many residents that would be caused an unnecessary public nuisance.  Many residents including elderly, infirm, families with young children, vulnerable people, or those suffering mental issues will find this repeated disturbance distressing.  Those simply wishing to enjoy the peace and quiet of their own gardens or a bbq will no longer be able to do that without considerable public nuisance caused by noise. . Or use the open space of St Georges fields, or the Sandy park without considerable confusion and potential danger to the children in the park.  The festival was intended as a community interest project and should remain in the interest of the community. These new licences do not reflect the spirit of that, but in fact cause an unnecessary influx of reverls from London Wide advertising, bringing an increased threat of crime and disorder, under age drinking, drunk and disorderly behavior, sale of illegal drugs, violent and anti social behavior as they disperse  creating  threats to public safety, considerable public and civil nuisance and potential harm to small toddlers using the sandy park, surrounded by loud and potentially distressing music, and adults drinking alcohol encouraging negligent behavior.  

 Details can be seen here:

This will make a total of 6 events per year, one every two months, however this can be extended as a minor alteration after the licence has been granted with no further consultation with the public or local residents.

1. If you feel the granting of these licences will impact yourself, your family and other vulnerable neighbours, you can make a representation. Under the 2003 Licensing Act  representations must relate to one or more of the four licensing objectives which are:-  
 •    Prevention of crime and disorder,     •    Public safety,    •    Prevention of public nuisance,     •    Protection of children from harm.

So you can only speak in terms of  believing the licence will cause increase in Crime and disorder and give your reasons, loss of public safety by x & Y reason , public nuisance, caused by noise, rubbish, disturbance etc, and potential harm to children in the Sandy park of from St Marks School near by..2. Any person wishing to submit representations to an application must give notice in writing to the licensing authority at Ealing Council Licensing Team, Perceval House, 14-16 Uxbridge Road, Ealing W5 2HL, Tel: 020 8825 6655.
Email: giving in detail the grounds of objection by the last date for objections.

If you email your objection on the last day you must at the same time send a hard copy in the post. 
Otherwise email I believe are accepted before the last date.  
3. Deadline for making representations 
•    for Brent Meadow, The Brent Meadow is 5th December. This is a conservation area in the Brent River park, 
•     for commenting on St Georges field  is 6th December This is in St Marks Conservation area. 
•    Deadline for St Melitus church has now passed. 

However, a spokesperson for Hanwell Hootie  said:

'' We have received some correspondence regarding the Hootie's 2018 premises licence applications and its request for additional dates. To clarify, The Hanwell Hootie is taking place on 12th May 2018 and is a one day event.  The licence for the extra days is for set up and breakdown if required. 

''The Hootie organising team have no plans to add any additional music festivals - however, as it is cost effective, we have requested additional licences as they may benefit our local community in putting on other events.  Any dates that might be utilised would be for local community groups use only enabling them to access the licences free of charge.  

''Should you need any further information please email ''

Ealing Council say the correct process for a premises licence has been followed and the 28 period for representations ends today ( 6/12).
'If there are valid representations received then the hearing date would be confirmed for 24 January. If the organisers reach an agreement that satisfies the representations without going to hearing, this could happen before the 24 January.


4th December 2017 ( updated 6/12)



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