Step Free Greenford Station Nearly Reality

Transport for London outline the work schedule

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Greenford Station


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Work is underway to make Greenford Underground station step free with a new 'incline lift', which customers will be able to start using in 2015.

The main construction work has now started with hoardings being put up around the left staircase to demolish it safely and install the new escalator, which will be operational next year.

In order that the station can remain open throughout the duration of the works an 'up' escalator service and a staircase must be available at all times, which is why a new escalator is being installed first.

David Waboso, London Underground's Director of Capital Programmes said: 'As part of our commitment to make the Tube more accessible, work is now well underway to make Greenford Underground station step free. In order to keep the station open during the works we have to have an 'up' escalator and stairs, which is why we are installing a new escalator first, then we will widen the centre staircase and finally we can remove the escalator on the right and install the new incline lift.

'The innovative glass incline lift will go up and down right by the newly widened staircase and the other new escalator, with users able to see out as well as being seen. The lift has a higher capacity because it has entry and exit doors at opposite sides of the lift cabin which also makes it easier for wheelchair users and passengers with buggies because they do not have to turn round when they leave, as they would in a conventional lift with one set of access doors.'

The currently closed men's toilet on the platform will be replaced with a unisex accessible toilet, which will require the use of The Royal Association for Disability Rights (RADAR) key to enter.

In addition more lighting and more signage will be installed at the station as well as repairing damage caused by water and pigeons.

TfL has worked closely with the London Borough of Ealing in the development of the plans to install the innovative incline lift at Greenford.

Some night-time working will be required to ensure delivery of large equipment and removals are carried out safely, but any noise will be kept to the absolute minimum.


19th September 2013


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