Three Men Jailed For Geeta Murder

Husband convicted of ordering the Greenford killing

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 Geeta Aulakh

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Husband Found Guilty of Geeta Murder


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The husband of Geeta Aulakh who ordered her murder after she started divorce proceedings has been jailed for 28 years. Two other men involved in the killing were sentenced to 22 years.

Former husband Harpreet Aulakh, 32, of Chesterton Close, Greenford, was found guilty of arranging his estranged wife to be hacked to death on November 16 last year.

The 28 year old mother-of-two had her hand severed with a machete during the attack in Braund Avenue in 2009.

Aulakh had denied the murder saying he had been at a pub in Heston, where he made sure he was seen on CCTV, at the time of the attack.

But his "act of cunning" backfired as telephone records showed Aulakh calling his accomplices in Braund Avenue, Greenford, minutes before and after the attack, the court heard.

Sher Singh, 19, of Wren Avenue, Southall, who wielded the 14-inch machete in Braund Avenue, Greenford was given 22 years.

Jaswant Singh Dhillon, also known as Taljit Singh, of Seven Kings East London, who, acted as look-out during the ambush, was also jailed for 22 years.

All three had been unanimously found guilty by the jury after a six-week trial.

A fourth man, Harpreet Singh, of Slough, claimed he was unwittingly used as a getaway driver.

The jury could not decide his fate and he faces a retrial in the near future.

In a victim impact statement Geeta Aulakh's mother, Nardesh Shinh said:

"What kind of life will those young children now have? Geeta adored her boys and they adored her. It breaks my heart knowing that they will never feel their mother's love ever again.

"Geeta, we promise as a family to bring up your children with love, respect and honour, just as you did. We pray you can shine some light on us until we meet again."


4 December 2010

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