Motorbike Training Company To Close

Redundancies expected at Northfields firm


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A Northfields' businessman who employs 30 people says he's lost his livelihood and will have to make staff redundant because of a local campaign about noise.

Get Bike has been trading at Orion Park on Northfields Avenue for eight years. The company operates in the sale, hire and repair of motorcycles and motorcycle training.

Following complaints from neighbours, Ealing council issued enforcement notices and claimed the firm was in breach of a condition on its planning permission for operating motorcycle training outside its facility.

The case has been fought by owner Louis Kamios who says he made various changes - and cutback on training to just a quarter of what it was two years ago. He says he had his own noise report complied which confirmed that Get Bike complied with regulations and didn't constitute a nuisance.

However, following the latest High Court decision (on Thursday, 14 August) the Honourable Mr Justice Lewis approved LBE’s application to stop all motorcycle training taking place outside of the building.

Mr Karmios says this means he could be prosecuted if he continued with his business:

'' A few residents, Ealing Fields Residents Association (EFRA) and Ealing Council have conspired and gone to extraordinary lengths to bring about the demise of Get Bike.

''Not satisfied to simply curb noise to an acceptable level they have instead sought total cessation of all activities – wether noisy or not.

''The High Court Injunction which LBE have just spent over £8000 to obtain is so draconian and restrictive it renders me personally liable to a criminal prosecution even if I carry out lawful work. Therefore, the only way I can safely avoid a criminal prosecution is to cease all activities which involve motorcycles.''  

Ealing Council have said they will monitor the site to ensure that Get Bike comply with the terms of their planning permission.

Mr Kamios says he has been forced out of business and jobs will go all at a great personal loss.


27th August/ 2014


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