Fogo No More?

Ealing people haven't supported the restaurant says owner

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It opened just before Christmas with a lively Brazilian themed party.

A colourful display of drummers and dancing girls put everyone in the mood for Ealing's newest town centre restaurant - but 6 months on Fogo has shut its doors.

Whether it has closed permanently has still not been decided,but,having just spoken to a rather dejected owner, the odds are not looking good.

Nick Lebetkin told that the 100-seat restaurant on the Broadway has been shut because of major drainage problems but went on to say that Ealing simply hasn't supported his venture and he may not reopen.

He said business had dropped after Easter and local people just weren't visiting:

''25 per cent of the clientele were coming from North West London - and only a very few were local. I don't know why - we have a good product which is very good value. I think perhaps the location is just the wrong one for us, parking is poor in the area and that doesn't encourage people to eat out. I am curious - where do Ealing residents go for a meal out? ''

He says if enough people made a fuss and really wanted the restaurant to re-open he might reconsider but feels that is unlikely.

''I'd want about 1,000 people to tell me not to shut and promise to come and support us then maybe we could have a future in Ealing.''


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25 June 2010

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