Are You Missing Your Ferret?

This furry albino pet seems to be a bit lost

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Forum member Nathan Thomas had a surprise awaiting in the kitchen of his house on Durham Road W5 yesterday - an albino ferret. The animal had made its way in through the cat flap.

Nathan says :''The poor little thing was exhausted and hungry when it turned up... it must have been desperate, to go into a house with such a strong cat presence!

''I think it has been roaming for a while - we had a note through the door the other day from someone in Pope's Lane saying they'd found it - they'd clearly canvassed the area - but it's obviously either subsequently escaped or been turned out from there.

''Apparently ferrets don't go far, so it must be owned by someone local. The other option of course is that it was unwanted by its original owner and put out to fend for itself.''

Nathan is currently looking after the ferret in his cat carrier and feeding it cat food. He has already had a couple of offers to rehome it but would like to get it back to its original owners if possible.


Can you help? Contact Nathan via the Ealing Today forum or email







24th September 2012






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