Eviction Notice Served on Ealing Common Travellers

Caravans have moved - to other side of Common


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A lengthy legal battle to move a family encamped next to Ealing Common has resulted in an eviction order - but the group is now believed to have set up camp across the road.

(photos from twitter James Fuller ‏@SMcqueenluvChld)

It's been reported that the caravans originally arrived at the Warwick Road Extension back in November. Locals complained to Ealing Council over health and safety matters after seeing rubbish and human waste dumped on the common.

human waste at travellers site

The Council served a notice to leave on the 22nd January, but the solicitors, acting for the travellers, started Judicial Review proceedings. They obtained an interim injunction order which stopped officers from pursuing eviction on the grounds that the needs of traveller family should be assessed further.

Ealing Common ward representatives have been dealing with concerns for several months.

Conservative Councillor, Joanna Dabrowska, said: '' This traveller case was rather different to other traveller cases where they usually move on after a few days en route to another location, being a true traveller. After months of legal wrangling an eviction order has been granted. Unfortunately, the Council now has to pick up the cost of the clear up left by the caravan occupants.''

Liberal Democrat Councillor, Jon Ball, said: '' It is unfortunate that this situation has dragged on for so many months, but we are now hopefully reaching a conclusion. The waste left on the Common by the family is an eyesore and a health hazard, and the circumstances of the family’s children is also a matter of concern. It is right that the Council have to follow the correct legal process to determine whether a traveller family has a right to a pitch elsewhere in the borough or can be evicted. This is a housing and social services issue as well as a purely environmental issue.''

An eviction notice has now been served and the caravans moved today (20th April) but only across the road - not far from their original site. It's not clear if this is a temporary or permanent move.

Eviction notices cover specific location and not the whole borough, so in effect the travellers could move from street to street.

A new eviction notice has been served on the present location and the Council say they will now seek an injunction from the Courts to prevent encampment anywhere else in the borough.



21st April 2016 (updated)



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