Parking Anger From Ealing Cricket Club

Manager says new arrangements are of major concern

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Parking changes near Ealing Broadway Station favour commuters not locals and will be disasterous for Ealing Cricket Club (ECC) - says its manager.

Jason Court has written to Ealing Council's Highways Department objecting to the new 'shared use' parking in Corfton Road (East & West) and Woodville Gardens (North) which means drivers can pay £2 to leave their car from 9-5pm.

Previously these roads in CPZ Zone W had resident only restrictions from 9-10am and 3-4pm.

Mr Court says: ''This was introduced a few years ago to stop the commuter parking issues around the club. Great for us and residents as roads were not clogged up, kids could be dropped off safely and deliveries could be made.''

He says the changes have been brought in without proper consultation and will be a disaster for the club, and the area.

He has listed ECC concerns :

  • We believe that there will be no parking available all day due to the changes and that bays will be filled from approximately 8.00am - 6.30pm by communters
  • Daily deliveries would have nowhere to park to deliver goods (the brewery will not deliver unless they can park directly outside the club due to the weight of goods being delivered)
  • Refuse collectors would be unable to pick up rubbish (currently we have collections on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday)
  • Roads around the club would be regularly blocked by delivery vehicles
  • Parents would have no place to stop to drop off and pick up their children during the days
  • Children’s safety could be compromised due to having to cross busy roads to get into the club
  • Traffic would increase around the club as commuters would flood in to get an all-day parking space
  • Members of the club would have nowhere to park when using the club facilities, and many of them are elderly
  • Staff from the four businesses that operate here would have nowhere for their staff to park
  • Clients from the four businesses would have nowhere to park, thus reducing the attractiveness of our ability to hire our premises out during the day
  • Visiting teams during the summer would have nowhere to park
  • Our fear is that film production companies would be less inclined to hire the bays as they do at present from LBE, whilst using the cricket clubhouse effecting the economy of the local area

Mr Court says: '' LBE is supposed to have a community and residents led policy in regards to parking. This is not the case here. A community club will now suffer as all parking spots will be filled by commuters who do not contribute to the local area or community.''

Ealing Council say the proposed changes were advertised in the Gazette and posted in the area, and wil be introduced in May. They say visitors to the cricket club will still be able to park for free for up to 30 minutes in nine parking bays on Corfton Road.

A council spokesperson said: '' Changes are being implemented next month in order to ease parking pressures closer to Ealing Broadway. As part of our review of parking in the area we noted that parking bays were being under-used on Corfton Road and Woodville Gardens.

As with all CPZs we will monitor parking use in the area and can review it if the changes appear to be having a negative impact.''





23rd April 2014