Like a Bat Out Of Crossrail

New route may be needed to protect colony at Ealing Broadway

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Preparations to bring Crossrail to Ealing have been brought to a grinding halt due to the discovery of a colony of rare bats.

Preservation societies have slapped a protection order on the site meaning that the project is likely to be delayed or an alternative route will need to be found.

If the order is upheld then a new rail line may need to be built that will loop around Haven Green and rejoin the existing line at Springbridge Road. The alteration is estimated to cost £800 million and it will mean that passenger will be required to wear seat belts on this section of the line because the trains will tilt by as much as 25 degrees.

It is understood that after the inital Bat Survey found roosts in buildings along the line, Crossrail applied for a European Protected Species Licence to continue the development but this was not granted meaning that further planning permission is unlikely to be granted.

A wildlife consultant for the group, Adam West said, "Holy Hanwell! When we applied for the order we thought this just might work but then some joker came and thwarted us."

Alfred D. Butler, who gained the preservation order on behalf of the Bat Preservation Society said, "The bats are located in a cave and the location of this bat cave is known only to me and the people I work for."

Dick Grayson on behalf of Ealing Council said, "Suffering Southall! Yes that's what will happen if this key infrastructure project is delayed for no good reason."

April 1, 2014