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Seema Kumar

When I first came to London over 40 years ago from Nairobi in Kenya, where I was born and brought up, I fell in love with Ealing and have lived here for most of the time ever since. It's a fantastic place for families and my husband and I have raised and educated our four children right here in the borough.

What we enjoy is the spirit of community and, as a Conservative I've always been deeply committed to helping others, with particular interest in charities for the young and the elderly. I have been a vice chairman of Save the Children and, more recently, chairman of The Children's Hope Foundation, opening its first retail charity shop at 51 The Mall, in the heart of Ealing Broadway. And when I served on the council from 2006 until 2010 one of the things that gave me most satisfaction was my time working on the Health and Community Well Being portfolio.

Now I'm standing for the Council again – in Ealing Broadway, the very centre of the borough, and after four years of this Labour administration there's so much that needs putting right. There are problems even in the leafy roads of Ealing Broadway, like the hit and miss street cleaning and failed waste collections. Ever since Labour changed the contract to the poor value company Enterprise this has been a continuing source of nuisance and complaint. Unhygienic too, as dogs and foxes rootle through the uncollected rubbish.

Alex Stafford

Born raised, educated and living in the Ward for almost my entire life, I care passionately for Ealing. I have been in Ealing through the good times, such as when the Olympic Torch was paraded, as well as the challenging times, helping to clean up Ealing after the riots in 2011. I attended St Benedict’s School where I was Deputy Head boy, played the clarinet with the Ealing Youth Orchestra, was Head Chorister of the Ealing Abbey Choir, attend the St Peters Cub Scout Group, swam for Gurnell and spent far too much of my time at the Ealing Jazz Festival.

After graduating from Oxford University, I returned to the Borough I so love, and have since helped in every possible way, such as being a governor at a local school, helping out at charity events and even lobbying Crossrail for a better station for Ealing. As a dedicated local candidate I am passionate about making Ealing Broadway a better place for people to shop, to live and to socialise. We need to return Ealing to its rightful place as “Queen of the Suburbs”.

Cllr Anthony Young

I am 60 years old and married with two adult children. I was born and grew up in Ealing. I live and work as a veterinary surgeon locally and have been a Councillor since 1978. I am particularly interested in the environment, the state of Ealing’s roads and pavements, parks and open spaces. I have worked over the years to ensure residents are informed of local developments and to use their knowledge so that the Council gets projects right. I lead the Conservative group’s formal scrutiny work, whose role is to hold the Administration to account.

The Conservatives are pledged to restore the clean streets and reliable waste collections we had under the last Conservative Council. We'll also scrap Labour's £40 tax for collecting garden waste, and restore a free weekly service.

We know residents are concerned about garden grabbing for development, particularly in Ealing Broadway, where the large gardens are part of its charm.  So we'll seek to review the Local Development Plan to see if more can be done to protect garden land from development.

We'll freeze the Council Tax for another four years. We began the freeze in 2009 and we mean to carry it on, though Labour won't make any promises after next year. And that's a worry – we all remember when the previous Labour administration put up the Council Tax by nearly 26% in one year alone!

Unfair parking charges are another issue - they've increased hugely under Labour. We pledge to freeze them for four years and reduce the all-day visitor's voucher from £4.50 to £2.50.  This makes it slightly more equitable for residents to have their friends and family over, when you consider that Labour has introduced a £2 all day parking charge for commuters. 

Parts of Ealing Broadway are plagued by anti-social behaviour and we'll be working closely with the police to get rid of the street drinking culture that causes so much disruption.

Another pledge, particularly important to the local cycling community, is to spend £10 million more than Labour on fixing our broken streets and pavements. The potholes in the roads are a disgrace and we support Space for Cycling's campaign for safer cycling generally and improved road conditions for cyclists throughout the Borough. Fixing potholes is only a temporary fix – many of our roads need wholesale resurfacing.

These are just some of the things that the Conservatives have pledged and costed to put right with your support on Thursday, 22 May.

Nominees for Election in Ealing Broadway on May 22nd 2014

Candidate’s name Home address Description Proposer and Seconder
ANDERSON Robert 4 Spencer Rd, W3 6DN Labour Kieron M Gavan (P), Peter E J Mason (S)
BLACKER Liberty Arabella Basement Flat, 25 Mill Hill Road, Acton, W3 8JE Labour Kieron M Gavan (P), Peter E J Mason (S)
BROOKS Dorothy Anne 13 Park Hill, W5 2JS Liberal Democrat Oliver P Murphy (P), Francis P Salaun (S)
CARR Jon 35 St Stephens Road, Ealing, W13 8HJ UKIP Angela Toy (P), Anne B Harvey (S)
CULHANE John 36 Egerton Gardens, Ealing, W13 8HQ Labour Kieron M Gavan (P), Peter E J Mason (S)
HANS Meena 31 Kings Road, Ealing, W5 2SD The Green Party Nicholas S Hans-Barker (P), Rosalie C Hans-Barker (S)
KUMAR Seema 9 Tring Avenue, W5 3QA Conservative Ann Lazarow (P), Colin G Emmins (S)
SALAUN Patrick 30 Hillcroft Crescent, Ealing, W5 2SQ Liberal Democrat Oliver P Murphy (P), Michael J Gettleson (S)
SANDERS Mark Kevin 103 Delamere Road, London,W5 3JP Liberal Democrat Oliver P Murphy (P), Francis P Salaun (S)
STAFFORD Alexander Paul 1 Amherst Road, Ealing, W13 8LU Conservative Ann Lazarow (P), Colin G Emmins (S)
YOUNG Anthony Christopher Bowes 30 Audley Road, Ealing, W5 3ET Conservative Ann Lazarow (P), Colin G Emmins (S)

Ward Results for Local Election May 2010

Name of candidate Description Number of votes
POTTS Ian Michael Conservative
3054 elected
SCOTT David Alexander Hill Conservative
2876 elected
YOUNG Anthony Christopher Bowes Conservative
2802 elected
BROOKS Dorothy Anne Liberal Democrats
CULHANE John Labour
RICE Miriam Edna Labour
SHAW Gareth James Labour
SANDERS Mark Kevin Ibrahim Liberal Democrats
SALAUN Patrick Liberal Democrats
DIAMOND Sam Green Party






May 20th 2014