Ealing Protest Over Clinic Prayer Vigil

Pro-choice campaigners say 'intimidation' must stop

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Campaigners took to Ealing Green on Saturday (5 April),to express their opposition to 'prayer vigils' that have been held outside a local abortion clinic.

The Pro-Choice demonstrators wanted to show opposition to the vigils, which they claim have been intimidating patients and staff and residents living near the Marie Stopes clinic on Mattock Lane.

One local resident said that “the 40 Days For Life protesters have become a permanent and unwelcome intrusion into our close-knit, diverse and tolerant community”.

She went on to say that “of course, they have the right to protest, but not to intimidate and take advantage of vulnerable women.”

The rally was also joined by the Labour candidate for Ealing Central and Acton, Dr Rupa Huq, who expressed her support, saying:

''These protestors may be vocal and visible but in fact it’s people of a pro-choice persuasion who make up the silent majority in Ealing and I’m proud to be part of this peaceful protest to counter the action of the so-called “40 Days for Life” group''

Robert Colquhoun, the outreach director for the 40 Days For Life said:

'' We organise a peaceful, prayerful and legal vigil outside an abortion clinic providing love and support for women considering an abortion.

''It is not a demonstration but a 24 prayer vigil for 40 days, now 18 women have decided not have an abortion following the tangible offer of love and unconditional support offered to them and they are just the ones we know about.

''The whole point of the vigil is pray for an end to abortion and to show there is a love in the community that is able to offer life and hope to anyone considering abortion.


Anyone who feels intimidated by '40 Days for Life' is urged to contact the Ealing Safer Communities Team on 020 8825 5994.



7th April 2014