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New project creating documentary needs your help

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  Feb 1965: The WHO & Fery Asgari at The Ealing Club (pic credit Ealing Club + Fery Asagari) 


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It may be hidden from view - and many remain unaware of its significance - but that could all soon change with the making of a new film documentary.

The Ealing Club (now Red Rooms in alleyway opposite Ealing Broadway Station) is a tiny venue where bands and artists like The Who, The Rolling Stones, Ginger Baker, Jack Bruce, Eric Clapton - just to name a few - started their careers in the early '60s.

Ealing was recently described by Mojo Magazine as ' The Cradle of British Rock' as it was instrumental in the birth of the so-called British Rhythm and Blues boom which created many legendary British bands.

The town's musical heritage is being championed by a group of committed music fans and locals who want to preserve, protect and now - with your help - document it.

Ealing Club Community Interest Company is proud to announce that it has been officially involved in the development of a film project highlighting the story of the Ealing Club.

'Suburban Steps to Rockland; is a documentary feature film focusing on the the story of the Ealing Club.

A special promo can be viewed at:

To make the film organisers need at least £6,000 and are asking for help via the Kickstarter campaign. Kickstarter takes the age-old idea of patronage of the arts and public subscription for creative projects to a wider level using the internet.  

Each subscriber donating from £1 upwards will be rewarded by having helped make the film happen. Those who donate higher amounts can also get their name in the credits.

So far more than £1,000 has been raised - the film needs £6,000 by August 25th.

Can you help?

Read more and donate here


30th July 2012

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