In The Driving Seat

New report shows how your star sign can affect your motoring style

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Insurance company, in conjunction with Astrologer, Annabel Burton, have produced a report about how your star sign can affect your driving style:


The first sign of the zodiac, Aries is likely to be first off at the traffic lights too! Competitive, fast and loving the adrenaline rush of being behind the wheel, they make uneasy passengers and love being in the driving seat. They adore the machismo of Top Gear and all that nought to sixty jargon; boys and their toys. Even the girls have their moments of driving in the fast lane of the motorway leaving everyone behind at a gentle 65 m.p.h. Aries relish challenges too, and expect to be winners. Watch out for the road rage!

Taureans are gentle users of the road, taking in the scenic routes rather than the fastest means of getting from A to B. Comfort comes before speed, and ideally Taureans would relish a cream leather interior with a more than a touch of luxury. It's likely that they will stop and admire the view on trips through the mountains, and of course, call in at that quaint little country pub for a leisurely lunch. But Taurus girls love shopping too, so need plenty of space in the boot. They are patient drivers up to a point, but could get hot under the collar in a 20 mile tail back on the M6.

Gemini folk are nippy, speedy and could clock up more car journeys than anyone else. They adore the idea that driving gets the job done a whole lot quicker than walking and lose patience with public transport. Parking in tight spots is key as Geminis want to pull in to check out that new book shop or chic little boutique without going through that laborious business of finding a space in the multi storey. Their cars are used to save time, since a Gemini's day is packed 24/7. Gemini's love a hot hatch, rather than a family saloon.

Traditional home lovers, the Cancerian car could have all the home comforts needed, however long the trip. Here you will find food in the glove compartment, cushions on the back seat, and a cuddly toy or two, not forgetting some souvenir from some memorable event, like that concert from 2002. Cancerians take other drivers' behaviour personally and aren't happy at being cut up on the motorway, or bad manners from other road users. They are emotional and could be singing cheerfully or shouting abuse while dodging town traffic.

There are two kinds of Leos; the cowardly lions who aren't happy with the idea of driving at all and prefer to let the tube take care of the business of getting from one side of town to another, or there are the magnificent, proud lions who are not averse to a bit of bling to get noticed. They go for the bright red sports car or something with a bit of prestige and they drive confidently and expertly. Leos are likely to go for personalised number plates too!

Virgos are not keen on surprises and like to be prepared when it comes to driving. Chances are they have maps in the glove box or the latest sat nav, to avoid the embarrassment of getting lost. As perfectionists, the tiny scratch from a super market trolley warrants a claim, where other signs may just grin and bear it. Attention to detail and driving within the law are most important, as is being environmentally aware.

Balance is key with Librans, so their driving is not too slow, not too fast, and just right to get to where they are going. They are considerate road users, waving that impatient Aries on at the crossroads with a smile. Their cars need to be aesthetically pleasing, and they are the first to wash off mud stains and blemishes on the beautifully polished bonnet. Socially, they like to keep in touch so handsfree car kits are important too as they arrange the next dinner party, gliding down the fast lane.


Tinted windscreens are perfect for Scorpios, who can be intense, moody and passionate. Possibly excellent at making money, the car could be the extension of themselves and express that legendary Scorpionic power. Hence, they don't fit easily into a cheap little runaround, but are more likely to be in that sleek and silent limo that creeps up on you unawares at the traffic lights. Since Scorpios like to dig under the surface, some may have an intimate knowledge of what goes on under the bonnet.

Sagittarian drivers are more likely than any other sign to take their off road, four wheel drive vehicles, into off road territory. They have a sense of adventure and love exploring, and value their independence and freedom. Some prefer motorbikes to have that sense of excitement and the thrill of travelling fast. Many will have taken their first driving lesson on their seventeenth birthday, as their enthusiasm for travel and adventure could lead to the desire to own many different kinds of vehicles. This makes for confident and capable driving, and a greater likelihood of driving in foreign countries.

More than anything, it's important for Capricorns to be focused and to reach the top, or the end of their journey. It's all about results and they are less likely to be sidetracked or distracted. Driving can be an intense experience, and with the right tunes on the CD player, and a full tank, they can happily go from coast to coast with ease. Capricorns are less impressed by trends and fashion and appreciate quality and endurance above what's hot for now, like their car, which will be looked after and last for years.

Quirky, different and gadget loving, Aquarians are at home with high tech, and love what's new, and what breaks the mould. They are individualistic and more than anything, want to be different from the crowd. Sometimes they drive like a demon and at others like a little old lady on a shopping trip. They don't like being categorised and it makes for an interesting driving experience for their passengers! Fiercely independent, their vehicle is their escape route to freedom.

The dreamers of the zodiac, it's easier for the Piscean driver to go for an automatic, rather than a manual vehicle. But they are likely to be intuitive drivers, sensing trouble before it occurs and anticipating accidents almost before they happen. For them it's more about their fellow road users, from cyclists to lorry drivers than getting somewhere fast.




December 30,2009