Puppy Dies After Dog Attack in Walpole Park

Local MP says action needs to be taken against owners

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Walpole Safer Neighbourhood team are currently investigating this attack.

If you have any information about this attack please call the team on 0207 161 9174.





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A puppy has died after being set upon by two other dogs in Walpole Park last month.

Police say the incident happened on the 27th September at about 6.30pm when a 45 year old woman and her 15 year old son were walking their Bichon Frise puppy.

The puppy was set upon by two dogs described as looking like Staffordshire Bull terriers or possible a bull dogs.

The injured animal was taken to the vet but died of its injuries.

The owners of the suspect dogs are described as two Asian women one her 30's and one in her 50's both had long black hair.  

It's just one of the cases highlighted by the Ealing Central and Acton MP Angie Bray. She is concerned about the escalation of dog attacks in the area and wants action.

She says: '' The experiences of those who have contacted me have been shocking and I agree that something urgently needs to be done to protect animals, owners and the general public from harm in our parks and open spaces.''

She wants Councils to attach conditions to tenancy agreements in order to control dogs on estates and says there could be court orders for those found guilty of crimes involving violence or drug-dealing, to ban them from being in control of a dog in a public place.

Ms Bray will be raising these points in the House of Commons next month when she chairs a Dangerous Dogs Campaign Parliamentary Event.

October 6 2010

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