Ealing Conservatives Expel Councillor For 'Dishonouring Community'

Tories seek to distance themselves from Benjamin Dennehy


Tory Councillor Suspended After 'Offensive' Comments

Tory Councillor 'Should Be Expelled' From Party

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The Hanger Hill Councillor who caused a storm after making 'offensive' comments on his personal blog about Southall, has been officially expelled from the Conservative party.

Mr Dennehy, sparked outrage when he wrote that the number of illegal immigrants in Southall was a 'constant on the public purse' and that criminality was ‘endemic’ in the area.

Ealing Council's board of standards received a complaint about the blog and the Liberal Democrat group leader, Cllr Gary Malcolm, wrote to the Prime Minister urging Councillor Dennehy be expelled.

In a statement just issued by Ealing Central and Acton Conservative Association Cllr John Cowing, Association Chairman, stated:

“Cllr Benjamin Dennehy’s comments on his blog in March were his personal opinions, and do not represent the views of the Conservative Party.

''He generalised a problem by besmirching and dishonouring a whole community, which is wrong. The Conservative Party consists of members from many different backgrounds and cultures, and we come together to share common principles and values.

''Ealing is a diverse and multicultural borough and the local Conservative Party is committed to representing all communities within Ealing.”

Cllr Dennehy has now sent this comment to Ealing Today:

'' I was expelled, not for the content of my blog, but for allegedly bringing the Party into disrepute. Had I not blogged during the Mayoral campaign I would not have been in any trouble. The Ealing Conservatives went out of there way to say that I was not being expelled for being a racist or for my blog, but for potentially damaging the party during the election campaign.

'' Cllr David Millican, Leader of the Conservative Group, read my blog after it was posted and assured me he had no issue with it. I was suspended after he was ordered to do so by Boris Johnson's campaign team.''


Cllr Dennehy remains a Councillor, but sits as an independent and not as a Conservative.








10th May 2012


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