Police Outline Safety Measures in Dean Gardens

Seeking to reassure public around West Ealing


Crime scene in May

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The area in and around Dean Gardens in West Ealing has seen a spate of violent crimes crimes including assaults, rape and in August last year a man was killed.

Whilst the assault (on Friday 17th Aug) didn't happen in the park - the air ambulance merely landed there - it has nevertheless prompted concern that Dean Gardens (and surrounds) is a crime 'hot spot'.

Police in Ealing are seeking to reassure the public and are asking for help to report anti-social behaviour in the area.

Sergeant Chana, Walpole Safer Neighbourhoods told Ealing Today:

''Police continue to undertake considerable activity in and around the area of Dean Gardens. There are now three CCTV Cameras in the area that are monitored by police at prominent times and extra officers including Specials and officers from Safer Transport have been carrying patrols in the area.

''The police, council, and other partners will continue to work closely together to further improve the area. Patrols will continue to be made around the local retail outlets, off-licences and cafés in the area to ensure that there is minimum temptation – particularly in relation to alcohol consumption. ASBOs will continue to be put to the courts (already a considerable number have been put in front of the courts and more are to follow).

''We want to reassure the community that Dean Garden is being rehabilitated and is becoming a safer place, day and night, a green space in West Ealing that is a central part of our neighbourhood.

''As I have said before, of course we cannot guarantee this and therefore as residents we must all continue to watch and help. If you witness any anti-social behaviour, you can report it by ringing 101 (this number is for all calls to the police other than emergencies – for which please ring 999). 101 will get you through to the Metropolitan Police who will pass the details to a duty officer in Ealing for collation by our intelligence team.


If you have any additional queries, you can contact our local Walpole Police Safer Neighbourhoods Team on 020 8721 2949 or email Walpole.Snt@met.police.uk




21st August 2012


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