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Daniel Paul Residential has been in Ealing 18 years

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Daniel Doherty





Daniel Paul

236 Northfield Avenue, Ealing, London, W13 9SJ

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Daniel Paul Residential was formed in February 1997 by brothers Daniel and Paul Doherty. Long term Ealing residents, they say they understand the local market and its current property values.

As well as house sales and purchases, the business offers a 'one stop' management service covering all aspects of residential lettings, including legal advice, energy performance certificates, gas safety checks, minor repairs, periodic property checks.

Below, Director Daniel Doherty answers a few questions about the current property market.


How would you describe the market generally at the moment?

The sales and rental market are both suffering through a lack of stock. Due to the lack of properties, the current market is not as busy as in previous years, although properties that are in good condition and marketed at the correct price are snapped up.

How popular is Northfields to buyers and why?

The Northfields property market has always been popular due to the balance of good schools, excellent transport facilities, and not forgetting the open spaces in the various parks.There is also a good mix of small independent shops and larger supermarket chains.There are also numerous bars and restaurants to cater for all tastes.

What changes have you witnessed in your time in Northfields?

Their seems to be a more community feel to Northfields now, with various events during the year helping to keep this local feel alive. Many property owners are now also opting to extend their homes, rather than moving, due to the price differential. Almost on every road there is either a loft conversion, or rear extension being undertaken, and basement conversions are now becoming the new construction project.

In your opinion/experience which roads are the most favoured?

Elers Rd and Windermere Rd are both very popular especially the houses backing onto Lammas Park.

With the shortage of good size family properties do sellers actually have to do very much these days to secure a sale?

Due to the shortage of available properties, the present sales market is very much a sellers market. Although to achieve the market value a property will still need to be presented in the right condition.

Other than the old favourites like declutter/brew coffee/add flowers you have any tips to make the property more appealing?

Apart from the usual favourites I feel that a well maintained front garden and entrance area are important to give that initial kerb appeal. Also if owners and purchasers are helpful and informative, this can help move the sales process along smoothly.

Buying and selling can be very stressful. Do you have any stories of nightmare buyers/sellers - how do you deal with them?

I think anyone who has bought or sold a property has a story to tell regarding a disappointment during the course of a sale.I do remember once showing a gentleman a nice house in Ealing and after just being welcomed in, for him to immediately turn on his heels in the hallway, and state rather rudely that this house was not for him. I was then left to explain to the vendor, the sudden change of mind of the purchaser.

What would you change about the area if you could?

Installation of secure and safer cycle paths, rather than the token effort that is made at present.
I would also like to revert back to the days when couples could save for a couple of years and then gain a foothold on the property ladder. Everyone should have the opportunity of being able to purchase a property if they so wish, but unfortunately for a large percentage of the population this is no longer a reality.This is much more than just a local issue, although it does appear that there has been a lack of foresight into providing the infrastructure to cope with such a large increase in the population.


15th April 2015

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