Fewer Bikes Being Stolen in Ealing

Plain clothes officers deployed around the Broadway

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According to the latest crime figures, there has been a 10% reduction in cycle thefts in the Ealing Broadway area over the last four months.

This reflects the ongoing work carried out by the Ealing Safer Transport Team working in partnership with local Safer Neighbourhood Team and Ealing Council.

The reduction in numbers of bike thefts was also possible thanks to a number of various tactics including: cycle surgeries, bike marking and deployment of a “sting” cycle.

Officers have made available to local cyclists an advice on cycle security and assist with bike registration on the National Property Register database Immobilise.com.

To combat thefts, officers in plain clothes have also been deployed.

PS Anthony Beasley from Ealing Hub Safer Transport Team said: "These results show that by working together with Ealing Council we can achieve an excellent rate of success. The cyclists of Ealing can now feel far safer and more confident when using their bikes. There is however, no place of complacency and therefore, one of the best pieces of advice I can give us all is to be vigilant and prevent crime through removing opportunity.”

You can register your property for by visiting National Property Register Immobilise.com.

If you require any more information about crime prevention advice, please contact your local Safer Neighbourhood Team or call 0300 123 1212 or visit www.met.police.uk/ealing 

January 13th, 2010