Police Discover Cannabis Factory After Car Search

Operation Cubo uncovered more than uninsured drivers

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Vehicle being stopped as part of Operation Cubo


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Ealing police involved in an operation against uninsured drivers uncovered more than they were expecting to.

On Thursday 27th April 2012 officers were involved in Operation Cubo -the Met’s drive against uninsured drivers in London.

The operation ran throughout the day and involved officers from across the borough. Tactics included using automatic number plate recognition technology to identify vehicles driven by suspected criminals and uninsured drivers.

Officers stopped a car in Chatsworth Road, Ealing, W5. As the vehicle pulled over, police identified a strong smell of cannabis.

The vehicle was searched and a box containing a large quantity of herbal cannabis was found in the boot.

A search took place at one of the suspect's properties and a cannabis factory was discovered.
The suspects, two men and a woman aged between 30 and 34 were arrested on suspicion of possession with intent to supply.

As well as the above, officers also seized 19 vehicles and made two further arrests.

Acting Borough Commander Ian Jenkins said:

“We are continuing to tackle criminal activity and to improve road safety through these concerted days of action, in addition to our daily activities to target uninsured drivers. Uninsured drivers are more likely to be involved in criminal activity and use their vehicles to facilitate their offending. They are also five times more likely to have road collisions and less likely to have roadworthy vehicles.

“We are going to carry on doing these operations for as long as it takes to make it harder and harder for criminals to continue with their illegal activity, while reclaiming Ealing's roads and making them safer.

My thanks again to all those officers and staff involved.”


The total number of cars seized by police since its Operation Cubo beganl six months ago is over 15,000.



30th April 2012



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