Little Ealing Parking Zone Welcomed

New parking restrictions appear to have had impact

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Local residents in the Little Ealing area say they have noticed an immediate difference after the introduction of parking restrictions.

A new Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) was introduced on May 5th - Zone RR. It means only residents with permits can park during the hours of 10-11 and 3-4pm Monday-Friday.

The CPZ was a result of growing pressure in the area from commuter parking and from drivers who didn't live locally but worked nearby.

The consultation was criticised by some who say that because only 32% responded - it wasn't democratic enough.

However, of those that did vote, the majority (60%) told the council they wanted the CPZ during the week.

The new zone covers the area from Little Ealing Lane to Darwin Road, including Chandos Ave, Junction Road. 


Residents say that after a few days of the CPZ, the new restrictions appear to have made a difference. Whilst some parking spaces have been lost because of new line markings, many more have been freed up.

Penalty Charge Notices will not be issued until residents have received letters and had time to apply for permits.

You can apply for a residents permit online and Ealing Council say that from this year, residents will no longer be required to display a paper permit.  Further details are expected to be available soon.  





7th May 2015