Fancy Some Elderflower Cordial Anyone?

Then try making your own...

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This recipe is courtesy of Diane Gill from West Ealing Neighbour's abundance project which turns local fruit and vegetables into delicious jams and chutneys.

Elderflower Cordial 


Makes 2.25 litres/around 4 pints

1.5kg/3 ½ lbs granulated sugar (cane sugar)
50g/2oz citric acid (available from chemists)
25 largish elderflower heads (use more if they are small) gently wash and very gently shake to dispel any lingering insects and water.
2 lemons unwaxed, sliced

Dissolve sugar in 1.5litres/2 ½ pints of hot (boiled) water, stirring till dissolved, and leave to cool. When cool stir in the citric acid and add the elderflower and sliced lemon.
Cover and leave to infuse for two days (48hrs) at room temperature. Stir occasionally.

On the third day, strain through a fine sieve lined with muslin or a new J-cloth rinsed out in boiling water) and pour into clean dry sterilised bottles and seal. Store in a cool, dark place. To serve, dilute to taste with still or sparkling mineral water.

Should keep indefinitely in a cool dark place.

Top Tips

Pick the elderflowers if possible early morning though any time during the day is OK provided it is not really hot. Choose a period of dry weather. Avoid picking when raining or after rain.
Choose flowers which have only just opened. Leave those which have gone brown or those that the petals fall off if you gently shake them.

As well as drinking, it makes a lovely sorbet and also really enhances gooseberries if you had a tablespoon when gently poaching them.


8 July 2010


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