Ealing's Landmark Clock Meets With Derision

A 'lesson in how not to design a public clockface'

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How it was....

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It's been described as bland, boring and looking like a pile of stacking pallets. Others think it could be a robot or even some sort of lego or transformer toy.

One social media twitter member went so far as to describe it as 'a lesson in how not to design a public clock face'.

How it is now...(pic via twitter from @wheretheartis)

The old clock from what was formerly the Arcadia centre has been replaced in the £6m makeover at the site.

The revamped building, designed by Allies & Morrison, sees the old clocktower replaced with a new illuminated terracotta lantern, featuring ....a clock.

Benson Elliott (who have now sold on the development) said the makeover would set a 'bright and modern tone' for the north side of the Broadway, while 'respecting local architecture and the site’s prominent location...'

Ealing Civic Society made their concerns known to the planning committee (June 2013) commenting:

'' We do not think that the proposed facades, and in particular the corner treatment with the clock, would enhance the conservation area because they are very plain and out of character ... Whilst we commend the idea of incorporating the clock feature the proposed design is overlarge and appears to be an afterthought and the clockface, lacking any markings, is likely to be hard to read.'' 

They suggested alterations to the design but it would appear they weren't taken up.


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18th August 2014