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Conservative representatives for Cleveland Ward

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Picture: Left to right Ian Proud - Vanessa Williams - John Salisbury

Local Elections 2014

253 Candidates For Ealing's Elections

Ealing Conservatives Release Election Manifesto

Labour Election Manifesto

Ealing Lib Dems Unveil Election Promises


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Ian Proud

Ian has lived in Ealing for 40 years. He is a Street Watcher, supports schools' PTAs, actively helps St Barnabas and is a member of the Pitshanger Community Association. If you elect Ian as one of your three local Councillors’, using his professional skills he would like to help Ealing maintain its attractive parks and open spaces as well as promoting Ealing as the place to do business in. / 07956 909 418

John Salisbury

John has lived in the borough since 1971. He is married, with two sons, and works in the Passenger Transport industry. He is closely involved with Neighbourhood Watch Schemes and serves on his Ward Police Panel. John is a keen supporter of the Campaign to improve the appearance of the borough and will continue this fight if you elect him as one of your three local Councillors. / 07758 154 518

Vanessa Williams

Vanessa loves living and working in Ealing with her youngest son. She is a founding volunteer of the South Manchester Victim Support Scheme, has six children and a wide range of business experience. Vanessa is passionate about health services and has first-hand knowledge of the challenges facing people with illness and disability. Residents’ health and wellbeing will be her number one priority if you elect Vanessa as one of your representatives for Cleveland. / 07970 993 349

Cleveland Ward

Cllr Greg Stafford moving to his home ward of Hanger Hill and the retirement of Cllrs John Popham and Isobel Grant brings three new but familiar faces to Cleveland: Ian Proud, John Salisbury and Vanessa Williams who are keen to do an equally excellent job on the Council.

With the regeneration of Copely Close starting, the trios are pleased that Labour has continued with the regeneration of estate programme started by the previous Conservative Administration.

Having young adult children, they all support the Conservative commitment to ensure that there are adequate numbers of affordable homes for key workers and young people built in the borough.  However, they do not want this to be done at the expense of green belt land.  They therefore welcome the Conservative commitment to protects the green belt and reverses Labour’s plans to build on it.

The never increasing parking charges by Labour over the past four years have hit both residents and traders.  The Conservative pledge to therefore freeze parking charges for the next 4 years will provide a welcome relief.

Getting Labour’s disastrous waste and recycling contract fixed will be a top priority as too many residents have horror stories of their waste and recycling continually not being collected.  Besides being unhygienic, it also gives an appearance of decline/ neglect to area.

The decision to downgrade the cleaning of the parks whilst paying the contractor the same money is shocking and shows contempt for residents.  Many of our parks will be neglected unless the Conservatives sort the contract out.

Fixing potholes whilst neglecting the wholesale renewal of roads is simply throwing money done the drain as too many of roads are in dire need of full repair.  Labour’s under investment in this area over the past four years is very notable. 

Ian, John & Vanessa look forward to being a part of a Conservative Administration which will deliver the following for Ealing:

  • 1.   Fix the street cleaning and waste collection
  • 2.   Scrap Labour’s £40 Garden Tax
  • 3.   Freeze Council Tax for 4 more years
  • 4.   Freeze all parking charges for 4 years
  • 5.   Spend £10M more than Labour fixing our roads and pavements
  • 6.   Get rid of the street drinking culture

Cleveland Ward

The ward has elected Conservative councillors for some time and any change would be a major surprise.

Candidate’s name Home address Description Proposer and Seconder
DIOGO Pedro 5 Goring Way, Greenford, Middlesex, UB6 9NN Labour Aysha Raza (P), Carol L Murray (S)
FRUZZA Francesco Rossano Alberto 38 Drayton Gardens, West Ealing, W13 0LQ Liberal Democrat Roger W Davies (P), Fiona M Bradley (S)
MAYCOCK John Bernard 13 Greenford Gardens, Greenford, UB6 9LY Liberal Democrat Robert Browning (P), Roger W Davies (S)
MURRAY Lynne 3 Rosebery Gardens, Ealing, W13 0HD Labour Aysha Raza (P), Michael N Elliott (S)
PROUD Ian Philip 6 Brunswick Road, London,W5 1BD Conservative Ian M Potts (P), John A Popham (S)
RODGERS David 3 Rosebery Gardens, Ealing, W13 0HD Labour Aysha Raza (P), Michael N Elliott (S)
SALISBURY John Robert 56 Eastcote Lane, Northolt, UB5 5RG Conservative Ian M Potts (P), John A Popham (S)
SANDERS Humaira 103 Delamere Road, W5 3JP Liberal Democrat Robert Browning (P), Roger W Davies (S)
SUMMERSGILL Freya Caroline 27 Argyle Road, West Ealing, W13 0LW The Green Party Alexander Yong (P), Alan Brown (S)
WILLIAMS Vanessa Julie Flat C, West Lodge, 407 Uxbridge Road, W3 9SH Conservative Ian M Potts (P), John A Popham (S)

Ward Results for Local Election May 2010

Name of candidate Description Number of votes
GRANT Isobel Lucy Conservative

2783 Elected

POPHAM John Anthony Conservative

2778 Elected

STAFFORD Gregory James Conservative

2629 Elected

FRUZZA Francesco Rossano Liberal Democrat Focus Team


BELL Hermia Mary Marguerite Rose Labour


KELLY Anthony John Labour


MAYCOCK John Bernard Liberal Democrat Focus Team


AHMED Munir Labour


PURKISS Gary William Liberal Democrat Focus Team


SEIBE Astra Inara Green Party


Conservatives hold all three wards. Turnout: 66.71%



May 20th 2014