Who Needs A Riot To Clean-Up Ealing?

Local resident takes initiative and street sign

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Jayne Hilditch 'we don 't need a riot to galavanise us'


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A Northfields' resident who got so sick of seeing a dirty street sign decided to take matters in her own hands - literally - and clean it up herself.

Jayne Hilditch, a director at Thames Valley Housing Association, lives on Northcroft Terrace and noticed how filthy the sign was a couple of weeks ago.

She says:

'' I figured it would take me a whole 5 minutes to clean it, so instead of ringing the council to complain about it, it would be better to just crack on do it. So, a bucket of hot water and washing up liquid in hand, I stood on a dining chair and gave it a quick once over.'

''I've lived in Northfields for years, and love it. And was reflecting on how #riotcleanup in 2011 was a great display of how much ordinary local people love their area. And that we don't need a riot in order to galvanise us into action - if something needs to be done, we can "just do it". It was just me. But how cool would it be if we had a twitter-powered #flashmob to do more of it!''

Her actions, which have been discussed on the social media channel twitter, have led to other ideas of helping to improve the neighbourhood such as planting the edges of alley ways with bee\butterfly friendly plants.

Ealing Council's Environment and Transport spokesman, Councillor Bassam Mahfouz, has welcomed Jayne's actions:

'' A big thank you to Jayne for taking the initiative to help to improve her local area. It’s great to know there are people out there who are prepared to do their bit in the community.

''Many community champions like Jayne have signed up for our street and tree warden schemes, which work to make the borough a better place to live.

'' It means there are more eyes and ears in our local neighbourhoods, as well as people with the willingness to fix small issues as they arise. The council have also organised community action days and are looking to host more in the future.''


What do you think? Would you help clean-up your neighbourhood? Are you doing it anyway? Discuss on the forum.


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31st July 2013

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