Oldest Trick in the Book for Amanda

TV star gets caught out lying about her age

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'New Tricks' star Amanda Redman


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It's often said you should never ask a lady about her age, but celebrities - particularly female ones - can rarely avoid this thorny issue.

BBC 'New Tricks' star, Amanda Redman who is principal of Ealing's Artists Theatre School, recently admitted her fears about ageism in the TV industry, and has spoken about how she will turn 50 this month.

However, The Mail On Sunday published Redman's birth certificate showing that she was born on August 12, 1957, making her 52.

Discussing her age in one interview last month, the star said:

"I certainly haven't booked an appointment for a facelift for my 50th. But perhaps, in five years' time, if I feel that it's all going south and I'm not getting the work, I might consider a tweak or two."

In another article last November, she said: "I really do not want to turn 50. It's horrible. I know it's only a number but I think it's the association of turning 50 with women being past it."

Redman is not alone in economising with the truth about her age. The real ages of Catherine Zeta-Jones, Jennifer Lopez and Geri Halliwell have all been questioned. Last year the GMTV presenter Kate Garraway came clean about allowing the media to perpetuate the myth that she was a year younger.

Whilst the pressure is on for celebs to stay young forever the moral seems fairly clear, don't lie - you will be found out. Publicist Max Clifford tells The Guardian that being truthful about your age will always be far better than being exposed as lying.

''I can see why they do it because in the entertainment industry anyone over 40 becomes like an OAP, so they desperately try to pinch a year here or there. But it is increasingly difficult to get away with it. The more famous you get, the greater chance of being caught out and the greater impact that will have. It's a double whammy – not only do people end up knowing your real age, you also look vain and stupid."




August 12, 2009

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