Singing The Blues Away

Ealing men are invited to join in and learn a four-part harmony with Capital Chorus


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An Ealing men’s Barbershop Choir is pioneering an imaginative way of helping people overcome the miseries of mid-winter.

Capital Chorus, who are based in West Ealing, have issued a challenge to learn an entire song with them in four-part harmony, on what is often considered to be the most depressing night of the year.

The event will take place on the third Monday in January, starting on Monday, 21 January at Kingsdown Methodist Church, Northfield Avenue from 7.45pm till 10.15pm.

It's nicknamed Blue Monday because it’s so often seen as combining cold and gloomy weather with the full impact of a return to work after the Christmas festivities.

Scientific research has shown singing to have a number of important health benefits; it can exercise the brain and boost memory, and improve breathing, posture and muscle tension. Because singing releases endorphins it’s also a natural anti-depressant, and singing together can bolster confidence, widen your circle of friends and is good for mental health. No wonder the chorus feels so positive that taking a night out to learn a new song can help lift the seasonal gloom.

Pippa Goodall,  Capital Chorus’s musical director said, '' Like everyone else, our chorus members can feel a little low in the weeks following New Year, especially when the bills for Christmas start to roll in. But we’ve always found singing together to be a real tonic, and we wanted to offer that special musical elixir to others.

''Our chorus has a lot of fun, and we’re always very supportive of new singers. The song we choose to learn for Blue Monday won’t be too difficult. Anyone who can carry a tune should find it an exciting and rewarding experience, and I’m certain the final performance will lead to a real sense of achievement.''

Further information on Capital Chorus can be found here.

9 January 2019

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