School Double Deck Extension To Stay

Ombudsman rules in favour of council

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A resident's complaint about the council's planning department will not be investigated further because he has not suffered 'significant personal injustice'.

Dave Randles from Felix Road in West Ealing wrote to the Ombudsman after a double-deck extension was erected in St John's school grounds to deal with extra pupil numbers. He queried the planning procedure and lack of consultation.

Replying to Mr Randles, Ombudsman Patrick Moriarty says

''Having visited Felix Road, it is my view that because of the distance between your property and the new building and the oblique angle view you have of it you have not suffered significant personal injustice even if the Council is at fault as you allege. It is not for me to consider the collective harm as you suggest.''

Mr Randles is unhappy the Ombudsman didn't investigate the 'failure of the Council's new system for neighbourhood consultations' or discuss the overall impact and suitability of the structure within the area.

He concludes:

'' Based on my experiences I find it very hard to recommend use of this service to anyone as it appears to be a complete waste of public money which, at best, pays lip service to the Council. How very sad that this civil service mentality can't be encouraged to think more laterally in order to find some kind of impartial compromise that would be of real benefit to the community and the environment as a whole.''



April 8th, 2010

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